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      Beijing Jiahua Zhongxin Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized company specializing in the sales of imported instruments and meters. It is a professional agent mainly engaged in gas detection instruments, water quality analysis instruments and laboratory instruments. The instruments represented by the company are widely used in aerospace, electric power, Chemical, environmental protection and other industries as well as scientific research departments, teaching institutions, environmental monitoring stations, etc.
      Since the establishment of the company, through the concerted efforts of all the staff of the company, the company's employees have a good reputation for understanding the industry's instruments and equipment, as well as the convincing quality and service quality of the agent products.
  Gas detection instruments include: methane, various types of combustible gases and formaldehyde, benzene, VOC, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, various types of toxic and harmful gas detection instruments. The main agent brands are American Huarui RAE, American Industrial Scientific ISC, American Methian MSA, American Honeywell Honeywell, American IST, American TIF, Canadian BW, German Dräger Drager, German Testo testo, Japan New Universe Newcosmos , Japan Riken Riken, British GMI, the United States Entron NTRON; the United States AII / ADV and other well-known brands at home and abroad.
       Water quality testing instruments include: COD, BOD, PH, TDS, TOC, ORP, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, conductivity, salinity, residual chlorine, turbidity, suspended solids, dissolved oxygen, sludge concentration meter, etc. Instrument, as well as water quality sampler, infrared oil detector, constant temperature heater, nitrogen purifier and other laboratory equipment. The main agent brands are American Hach HACH, American Golden Spring YSI, American Orion Orion, American Thermoelectric Thermo, American Thermo Fisher scientifc, American Utech, Lehman Lamotte, American Chemetrics, American Myronl, American Oakton Oakton, British BEHRINGER Palintest, Italy Hana HANNA, Germany Lovibond Lovibond, Japan DKK; Japan market HORIBA, Germany WTW and other well-known foreign water quality instrument brands.
       Laboratory equipment includes: pipettes, bottle dispensers, digital bottle titrators, continuous dispensers, pipette aspirator, pipette leak detectors, drying ovens, incubators, balances, viscometers, etc. Wait. The main agents are Germany Prand BRAND, Finnish Decker, Ohaus, USA; METTLER TOLEDO, Switzerland; Sartorius, Germany, Ebender, Germany, Shimadzu, Japan, Ai Tuo, USA Shire Fisher scientifc and so on!
       Environmental safety testing instruments include: dust detector, flue gas analyzer, radiation detector, automobile exhaust gas analyzer, dust particle counter, atmospheric sampler, dust sampler, flue gas sampler, noise meter, thermometer, anemometer, etc. Class safety protection products and related environmental safety accessory products. The main agent brands are American Metone, American TSI, American 3M, American Quest, British Kane kane, German Totto TESTO, Japanese Horio, HODM, American Narda, German Gamma-Scout, Belarus Polimaster, Belarus Atomtex, German drfengtek , American holiday, German Cory coliy and so on!
       Customers are our lives and service is our obligation. In our work, we not only solve the problem of after-sales service for you, but also pay attention to comprehensive, meticulous and professional pre-sales service before the product is sold to solve your worries. We are not the best, but every one of our employees is working hard to be better every day. I hope that our efforts can be exchanged for your satisfaction!

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