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Product name : T40 single-gas detector
Item : 美国英思科(ISC)
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 T40 single-gas detector is mainly used to protect the safety of exposure to dangerous gases in extreme environments H2S or CO concentration is detected.
T40 instrument made of sturdy plastic housing and good protection design, can be used in unusual weather, such as desert or Arctic Circle, such changeable environment. The instrument is compact and lightweight, and can easily grip the belt, shirt pocket or helmet. The large LCD display can clearly read out the gas concentration, type, peak and high and low concentration alarm level. If the current gas, low concentrations exceed the preset limit value, the instrument to sound, light and vibration alarm to alert the user.
Peak hold function can capture and record the maximum reading since the first boot from the detected. Unique and simple flip to complete the calibration (design patent of the United States).
T40 has been certified by China's coal safety (MA).
Is guaranteed for two years
24 months protection
Reduce total cost of ownership,
Foolproof protection.
Internal vibration alarm
In the high noise and light areas, if the gas concentration is increased, the user is prompted. Standard configuration.
"AA" alkaline battery replaceable
Optional convenience and low cost of the battery power.
Weighs 3.5 ounces (99.2 grams)
Small size, light weight, can be worn on the belt, shirt pocket, overalls or helmet.
Clamshell calibration function.
The T40 Rattler has a unique built-in
Calibration adapter, can make the the calibration work easier, more removed from the process of the search for the calibration cup.
ATEX, UL, cUL and AUS approved certification
The T40 Rattler single gas monitor is the most recognition in the market, reflects the integrity of the device in the design and in the global application suitability.
Peak / hold function
The use of the device, the user can record since the last peak reading is reset, CO or H2S exposure value.
Liquid crystal display reading
Sustainable atmosphere
The actual concentration of CO or H2S (Unit: PPM) and the remaining battery life.
Carried by the helmet accessories installed in the Clip.
Within the breathing zone of T40,
: User card at the the helmet edge of the tank. Very close to the ears and eyes, the alarm indication can be easily distinguished.
Radio frequency interference (RFI)
Protection function is ATEX authentication for Europe
Standard EN50270.
Removed from the handheld radios and mobile phones and other equipment caused by the cross-interference "harassment."
Adjustable low / high alarm set point
The user can configure the T40 Rattler meet a large number of different application requirements.
High visibility chassis
The T40 color allows it to be clearly identified in the distance, so that the security personnel to determine the workers are to be protected.
5 second delay shutdown protection function
The T40 Rattler on / off button to press and hold for five seconds before shutdown, it will not cause mistakes shutdown.
                                                          Performance parameters
High visibility, impact resistant composite with radio frequency interference (RFI) protection.
3.375 "x 2.3" x .75 "(86 mm x 58 mm x 19 mm)
3.5 ounces (98 grams)
CO, H2S - electrochemical
Carbon monoxide
1 ppm
Carbon monoxide
CO (Version 4.83)
1 ppm
Hydrogen sulfide
1 ppm
Hydrogen sulfide
H2S (Version 4.83)
1 ppm
Power supply (run-time):
"AA" alkaline battery replaceable (normal working time of approximately 1,500 hours)
Temperature Range:
Conventional: -4 ° F to 122 ° F (-20 ° C to 50 ° C)
Humidity range:
General: 15 to 95% RH
Alarm device:
Adjustable low / high alarm set point
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and cUL - 1, A, B, C, D group
Canadian Standards Association: class I, A, B, C, D group
CENELEC (ATEX) and Australia - EEx ia IIC T4

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