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Product name : AUTO5-1 handheld five components of automobile exhaust gas analyzer
Item : 英国凯恩(KANE)
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 Brief introduction
· The world's first built-in hand-held battery-powered automobile exhaust monitor
· Provides a simple, efficient and low-cost means of detection for automobile exhaust monitoring
· Low-power infrared sensor
· Built-in rechargeable battery for 6 hours of continuous
· Reaction time of less than 12 seconds
Can store 250 groups of test results
· Illuminated display all parameters can be displayed simultaneously
· Clamping the probe can be fixed with the working conditions in the emission test in the exhaust pipe, easy
· Efficient and durable filter
· Infrared remote printing method.
· 220V AC charger and 12v car charger
· Volume of 220 x 55 x 120mm Weight 1kg
Technical parameters
> 5% over the range 20%
+5% Of reading,
0 to 2,000 ppm, 10,000 ppm over-range
+5% Of reading,
0 to 21% over the range 0 to 25%
+5% Of reading,
0 to 5,000 ppm
+5% Of reading
0 to 16% over the range 0 to 20%
+5% Of reading,
Oil temperature
0 ~ 150 ℃
1.0 ℃
+2 ℃
Engine speed
200 to 4,000 rpm
LAMBDA air / fuel ...... a variety of parameters
The infrared remote KMIRP printer
Analysis software
PC graphical analysis
Environmental monitoring department application
Existing equipment is bulky, heavy weight, the need for external AC power, it is difficult to do random testing on the road, only the establishment of a fixed detection point, the lack of random and instant.
KANE characteristics of the instrument detection can be the vehicle to sampling for road vehicles anywhere, not subject to weather and other objective conditions. Testing personnel
The labor intensity can be improved. The exhaust gas purifying apparatus rapid test detection of the exhaust gas purifying apparatus must be in the state of working conditions, working conditions, but now the test will be
To bench test, test equipment prices as little as five or six hundred thousand, many hundreds, tens of millions do exhaust gas purification device detection to spend is also great. A lot of production,
Research units the ability to and recurring to test the product. KANE portable handheld instrument characteristics can be used for automobiles actual road traveling condition detecting simple
Reflect the car at different load, different roads in the basic exhaust emissions. And spend only a few million one-time investment instrument.
Research applications of automobile exhaust
Use AUTO features easy lorry test, the researchers can easily get a car exhaust emissions data under different traffic conditions in the city for government decision-making
Authorities to provide reference information, which will help urban road planning, traffic management, and government decision-making
Auto repair shop applications
The KANE instrument operation is very simple, maintenance man need only a few hours of training can be mastered. KANE full range of features not only can be used for gas detection can also be used in automotive combustion
Failure of the inspection system, to provide fast and reliable reference for exhaust adjustment.
The reference calibration application of other field instruments
KANE instrument lightweight characteristics, managers can carry just in the laboratory good instrument calibration, such as the annual inspection of plant, repair shop, exhaust gas treatment plant and other units
In instruments operating conditions

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