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Product name : Product description MSA DF-7500 combustible gas detectors
Item : 美国梅思安(MSA)
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 Product Description: DF-7500 detector can continuously detect the concentration below the lower explosive limit of flammable gases in the workplace environment as well as on-site gas and oxygen concentration. It can output signal is proportional to the concentration of 4 ~ 20mADC, and can provide fault FAULT (applies only to gas), pre-alarm WARNING alarm ALARM three independent normally open contact (open or short circuit occurs when the detector probe detection the gas concentration exceeds the alarm when the pre-set value / alarm settings) action output, the signal can be easily introduced DCS, PLC systems, electric type III instrument or other data acquisition system.

Features and advantages:
Catalytic combustion principle, has a very high sensitivity;
The double cassette structure, easy wiring, and can effectively prevent various water;
Easy to install, can be rotated 360 ° in the horizontal direction, optional stainless steel shell, spray technology, stronger resistance to corrosion;
4-20mA signal output, optional fault, pre-alarm, high alarm contacts;
Optional infrared remote control, without openings will be able to one-man calibration in the field;
Protection class: IP67.

Ex d II CT6
CCCF; GB 15322.1

Order number:

Product Number Product Name Product Description
Combustible gas detector the 3450729D DF-7500 500-S-1S detector Suprema
Combustible gas detector 8311000 DF-7500 DF-7500-100% LEL aluminum alloy, relay
Combustible gas detector 8311000A DF-7500 DF-7500-100% LEL stainless steel, relay
Combustible gas detector 8311001 DF-7500 DF-7500-100% LEL aluminum alloy
Combustible gas detector the 8311001A DF-7500 DF-7500-100% LEL stainless steel
8311023 DF-7500 combustible gas detector DF-7500 LEL split aluminum alloy, the relay

Technical Specifications:

Scope: flammable gas, CO, H2S, O2
Accuracy: <± 5% F.S
Span Drift: <± 2% F.S
Response time T90: <30 seconds (gas and oxygen)
<30 seconds (gas), typical
Signal output: 4 to 20mA standard signal (load impedance fz250Ω) and fault, warning, alarm, passive contact output, relay contact capacity 220VAC 30VDC 0.5A
Operating Temperature: -40 ° C to 70 ° C (different depending on the gas)
Operating Humidity: 0 to 93RH (atmospheric pressure: 86 to 106kPa)
Zero drift: ≤ ± 1% F.S of
Power consumption: ≤ 4W
Sampling Method: Diffusion Sampling
Repeatability: <2% F.S
The riot Level: Exd II CT6
Protection class: IP 67
Cable Type: RVVP3 × 1.5mm2
Housing electrical interface: RCI (F

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