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Product name : MSA Ultima XIR infrared gas detectors
Item : 美国梅思安(MSA)
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 Product Description:
The Ultima XIR gas transmitter is a microprocessor-based infrared point gas detector for the continuous monitoring of combustible gases and vapors. Compensation determined by the temperature, humidity and the effects of aging. UltimaXIR gas transmitter up to IR67 protection grade, can be used in harsh environments.
System components:
Detector: Complete gas detection, and signal amplification, conversion, processing and display capabilities.
Calibration (optional): to provide users with the most simple calibration method. I.e. through three operating button only, it can carry out a calibration operation.
Controller (optional): You can realize the full feature set of the instrument, including: set the time, set the alarm, change the calibration parameters, set the instrument address.
Features and advantages:
1, explosion-proof stainless steel enclosure for explosion-proof;
2, fast response, T90 ≤ 2 seconds;
3, easy to maintain, without frequent calibration;
4, in a high degree of concentration of gas or oxygen environment of continuous work;
5, anti-toxic, long sensor life;
6, HART output of the optional;
7, the detector display, you can display the name of the gas concentration value and the type of gas, and can display a variety of messages;
Design highly integrated, modular wiring port and signal processing are all focused on a single circuit board, can significantly reduce the incidence of failure in the installation and use;
9, you can choose to configure the built-in relay output, including three gas concentration alarm and a fault alarm. Optional built-in LED status indicators, gas concentration alarm or detector fault alarm more intuitive and obvious;
10 stainless steel shell, porous interface, optional mounting orientation;
11, detect poison gas gas, you can use the controller to set up a new test range within the original range of the detector.
Product Type:
Technical Specifications:
Gas :0-100% LEL gas type:
Temperature Range: -40 ° C. to 60 (different type of gas vary)
Zero drift: <2% / year, typical
Noise: <1% / F.S
Repeatability: ± 1% F.S or 2ppm, typical
± 2% F.S (≤ 50% LEL)
± 5% F.S (> 50% LEL gas)
Response time:
T90 Gas: <2S
Humidity: 0% -95% RH non-condensing
7-30VDC @ 750mA (gas)
Wiring Requirements:
Gas: 3-wire
Signal output:
Current 4-20mA, 3-wire, HART optional
Relay contact capacity: 5A @ 30 VDC
Electrical Interface: 3/4 * NPT (F)
Physical Characteristics: 316 stainless steel; 4.9Kg; 320 × 99 × 144mm

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