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Product name : IQ-1000 gas detector
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 IQ-1000 gas detector

Mega-Gas the universal gas sensor can detect more than 100 types of toxic / flammable gases - see below the list of Mega-Gas gas.
Intelligent microprocessor control unit management and maintenance of all gas and calibration database, and can be selected at any time. Do not need translation and speculation!
● "gases search function allows you to quickly determine whether any one of these one hundred kinds of gas exists.
● Additional solid-state electrochemical or catalytic sensors can provide more powerful selective. IQ-1000 can accept up to four sensors and display readings at the same time.
● data logger (optional) can be stored several months of valuable data. These data can be sent to the printer, or sent to a computer to save and managed through the "Einstein" data management software.
● built-in sampling pump
● Audible and visual alarm indication
● Large backlit LCD display
● Automatic calibration
● RS-232 interface
● carrying case with shoulder strap

IQ-1000 is the most powerful on the market and the most common gas detector. IQ-1000 has four sensor ports, one of the ports using the Mega-Gas sensor can detect 100 kinds of toxic and combustible gas. Each gas, three alarm set points, more than any alarm limit, there will be sound and light alarm indication.
Addition to the Mega-Gas sensor, the IQ-1000 can also receive solid state sensors, electrochemical transfer device and a catalytic sensor, in order to provide enhanced selectivity for the critical gas. IQ-1000 can accept up to four sensors and display readings at the same time, so that the instrument has the flexibility to meet a wide range of applications. IQ-1000 "Gas Search feature allows you to search an area of ​​dangerous gases Mega-Gas sensor. Mega-Gas sensor can detect 100 kinds of gas, gas search shows zero reading, indicating the presence of dangerous gases.
IQ-1000 has a very strong function, still easy to use. Simple calibration and auto-complete, and does not require manual adjustment. Button operation. Simply select the desired gas detection, microprocessor-based IQ-1000 will do the rest. Large screen, 8 lines of 40 characters can be displayed simultaneously monitor four gas readings together with each gas alarm and calibration information.
IQ-1000 includes a built-in sampling pump, the sampling gun and carrying case. Data logger is optional, it can store data of a few months. RS-232 interface to transfer data to a computer or printer. The data logger including the EINSTEIN data management software. This software can be downloaded, processing data and generating a plurality of types of graphics data.
The power supply 6 D-type alkaline or nickel-cadmium batteries. Alkaline batteries can be used about 20 hours, the nickel-cadmium batteries can be used about 14 hours.

Technical parameters
● Operating life: 20 hours of alkaline batteries, nickel cadmium batteries 14 hours
● Sensor: acceptable solid-state electrochemical or catalytic sensors, up to four sensors, first and second channel can accept all types of sensors, the 3,4 channel only accept electrochemical sensors.
● Control: button
● Display: backlit LCD display, 8 lines of 40 characters
● CPU: Hitachi HD6418 or Zilog Z180
● Memory: 128K EPROM 128K non-volatile nature SRAM optional 256K non-volatile SRAM for data logger
● External Interface: RS-232 DB-9 connector (1200-38,400 baud)
● Battery: 6 D-cell alkaline or Ni-Cd battery
● Temperature :0-50 ° C (operating), -20 - +60 ° C (storage)
● Humidity :0-95% RH, non-condensing
● Box body: weatherproof
● Sampling pump: built-in sampling pump, sample flow 1000 cc
● Size: 229 × 114 × 137 (mm)
● Weight: about 2.7kg with battery

Universal sensor
● How does it work
Mega-Gas is a solid-state sensor, specially made in response to a variety of gas have. Mega-Gas can be detected a total of 100 kinds of gas. IQ-1000 sequentially stores settings and calibration data for each gas, including gas response curve, the sensor working temperature as well as the zero and span values ​​in memory. A gas in the IQ-1000, the menu and select the IQ-1000 automatically appropriate to use these data for the selected gas is set, so that the instrument provides accurate readings of the gas concentration. At any time to change the gas in the menu, simply select a new gas IQ-1000 will automatically do the rest.
● Gas Search
In addition to looking for single-gas, Mega-Gas Gas Search "function, you can scan all 100 kinds of gas. 100 kinds of gas is divided into three gas groups, each group of IQ-1000 Search and provide a 0-100 relative readings. All groups readings are zero, indicating no presence of dangerous gases.

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