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Product name : FP-30-C-formaldehyde analyzer
Item : 日本理研(RIKEN)
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 FP-30-C photoelectric method for determination of formaldehyde instrument the Japanese Riken Keiki Co., Ltd. specializes in custom products for the detection of formaldehyde in indoor air, fully meet the general health of the People's Republic of China national standard GB9663 public places requirements "Public field determination of formaldehyde . " Technical indicators fully meet the requirements of public places, air quality and health indicators in formaldehyde limit (0.1mg/m3).
Detection principle:
Photoelectric spectrophotometric determination of formaldehyde in indoor air concentration of formaldehyde gas detection unit, a detection unit immersed paper hair color agent due to the chemical reaction of its color from white to yellow. The degree of discoloration caused by the reflected light intensity changes with the concentration of formaldehyde Movement function relationship. The determination of the concentration of formaldehyde according to the amount of reflected light intensity changes. To be the instrument of the dipstick response time to read the value.
Measuring range and error:
Measuring range: 0.02mg/m3-1.25mg/m3. 1ug / g concentration of formaldehyde relative error coexistence in acetaldehyde, CO, CO2 acetone and NH3 <5%
Product Features:
Install only the detection tablets are easier to detect
Formaldehyde mg/m3
With automatic measurement data storage function (99 groups) and can be downloaded to the PC
No warm-up time
Automatic backlight display
GB requires the determination of formaldehyde steps:
To be the instrument reaches the dipstick reaction time to read the value
10min interval repeat, repeated three times. Take the arithmetic mean of all data
Recording site temperature, pressure and relative humidity
The gas inlet should leave the front of the human breathing zone of 1 m
The concentration units cost-effective:
For the measured value of the mass fraction and the mass concentration conversion relationship: CP = (C '× 30.03 × T0) / [B x (273 + t)]
Cp - the formaldehyde mass concentration, mg/m3;
C '- the mass fraction of the measured value, microg / g;
B - under standard conditions (0 ° C, 101.3 kPa gas molar volume, B = 22.4L/moL);
T0 - standard condition of absolute temperature, 273K;
T - on-site temperature, ° C
FP-30C formaldehyde analyzer GB, and electrochemical differences:
Electrochemical sensor formaldehyde analyzer is not suitable for low concentrations of formaldehyde in indoor air were measured for the following reasons:
1, because of the humidity, the coexistence of interfering substances, the determination of low concentrations of formaldehyde can not draw accurate data;
2, the service life of the sensor a greater impact on the results of determination of formaldehyde, prolonged use will cause a decline in the stability of the instrument.
Seasonal differences in the indoor environment, humidity, coexisting substance concentration and therefore also different. Different grade of the decoration can also cause different concentration of formaldehyde in indoor air. Formaldehyde Analyzer and electrochemical principle only in specific humidity, concentration range in order to provide accurate data, and therefore the electrochemical principle portable formaldehyde analyzer is not suitable for determination of low concentrations of formaldehyde in indoor air. However, due to its simple, instantaneous determination of formaldehyde results can be used in high concentrations of formaldehyde in the measuring range 0.2mg/m3-5mg/m3 of public health emergencies of leakage alarm, or used to the test cabin high concentrations of formaldehyde, continuous determination of the attenuation of the concentration of formaldehyde in the specific humidity

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