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Product name : The United States Interscan 4160 formaldehyde detector
Item : 美国Interscan
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 4160 Profile
4160-19.99m digital portable analyzer is the world's leading manufacturers of the United States InterScan production dedicated to the detection of formaldehyde content in the field of indoor air quality testing, health and epidemic prevention, health surveillance, environmental protection, sanitation, labor health and petrochemical direct reading type instrument.
Instrument battery-powered built-in sampling pump, detection devices is the high sensitivity, high stability, high accuracy electrochemical sensors, sensor linear stability and accurate.

State Bureau of Technical Supervision CPA (imported measuring equipment type approval certificate)

High-precision electrochemical sensors using patented technology
Response time is short the continuous pump the suction sampling small size, light weight, simple operation, easy to carry

Technical Specifications
Measuring range 0 to 19.99 ppm
Resolution 0.01ppm
Accuracy ± 2% +0.01 ppm reading
Response time <60 seconds
Linearity ± 1.0%
Reproducibility ± 0.5%
Zero drift ± 1.0% / 24 h
Span drift ± 2.0% / 24 h
Sampling continuous pump-priming
Dimensions 178mm × 102mm × 225mm
Weight 2kg
Annotations :4160-19 .99 m the original 4160-2 type, InterScan Company 4000 Series Model unified change, corresponding to the correspondence between the a more intuitive embodied Model range, the original type -0-1999m type, type 1 the corresponding-199.9m type-2 corresponding-to 19.99m, type of, 3 corresponds to-1999b-type.

The working principle 2.1 Sensor The instrument sensor is a two-electrode sensor, it has a number of advantages to taking the sample of three-electrode sensor and diffusion sensors do not have the. The sensor is not active electrolyte, similar to the flash in the electrolyte, and nickel-cadmium batteries. You do not need to consider the battery acid damage or damage to the instrument. The drawbacks of the sensor there is a hermetically sealed gas chamber, which not only makes a longer life of the sensor, but also eliminates the possibility of the reference electrode contamination, there is no need air to a three-electrode sensor operation can be used for the anaerobic environment. The sample decimation sensor is a high-sensitivity detector, according to the type of gas, the sensitivity of 50-200 times greater than the diffusion type sensor. This is extremely critical conditions for the measurement of low concentrations of gases.
Formaldehyde conversion relation: mg/m3 and ppm ppm = mg / m × B / M on: B: molar volume of gas under standard conditions (00C, B = 22.4; 250C = 24.46 liters) M: measured substances The molecular weight (the formaldehyde HCOH M = 30) that: ppm = mg / m × 22.4/30 = mg / m × 0.74666 public places health standards formaldehyde concentration indicators: 0.12mg / m mg / m and ppm relationship according to the equation: 00C 0.12mg / m = 0.0896ppm 250C at 0.12mg / m = 0.0978ppm Appendix: 1000ppb = 1ppm

1, check the battery
Prior to use, you must first check the charge status of the battery. Set the function switch (FUNCTION) to BAT TEST "A", if the battery is in good condition, on the LCD display panel ignores any decimal point) value of 100 or higher (check the battery full charge, you can use 12 hours.
FUNCTION switch screwed to BAT.TEST "B". This position test analyzer amplifier batteries. This set of alkaline batteries to power the sensor regardless of the analyzer is in the on or off state is maintained in a state of readiness. For security reasons, it is best in the LCD display is less than 100 before replacing the battery.
2, the alarm settings
Usually factory alarm set at 50% of full scale, re-setting of the alarm through the following methods.
(1) the function switch (FUNCTION) zero (ZERO). The rotation "zero" knob allows the LCD display to the required alarm concentration values.
(2) clockwise to adjust the alarm setting (ALARM SET) rotated to the "warning lights shining far. If the alarm value activities, counter-clockwise alarm settings (ALARM SET) button until the alarm value is fixed, then clockwise back to the warning lights just shining.
3, the instrument zero
The instrument is often necessary to use a field zero. Zero adjustment SAMPLE (sample) mode, sampling space C12 filter gas filter into a zero gas.
4, the sample gas
Set the function switch (FUNCTION) to sampling (SAMPLE) position, the pump in the sample gas analyzer.
Stabilization of the instrument, the display is the formaldehyde gas concentration value, the sampling flow rate is approximately 1 liter / min.

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