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Product name : OX-02 oxygen detector
Item : 日本理研(RIKEN)
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 OX-02 personal single gas detector used in the iron and steel smelting plant, used to measure the concentrations of carbon monoxide and oxygen, thereby protecting the safety of staff. For each model are given an microprocessor control, with high stability and a high level of availability, including the distinctive voice in the danger zone and product failure, visual, vibration alarm. Large LCD display with a manual backlight, the backlight will turn on automatically when the alarm is true peak and STEL readings. The product uses two AAA alkaline batteries can work continuously for 3000 hours, two preset alarm point, the user can set their own. Replacement of the sensor is very easy, the service life of two years. The spring clip can be fixed on the clothes of the staff.

- Alkaline batteries work continuously for 3,000 hours
- Small size 53 (W) 85 (H) 31 (D) mm
- Light weight of only 130 grams (including spring clips, leather package)
- Sound, visual, vibration alarm
- Lit LCD backlight automatically when the alarm
- Peak hold, STEL and TWA
- Low battery voltage alarm
- Intrinsically safe design Exia II BT4
- 2-year shelf life

- Iron and steel smelting plant
- Coal mine
- Refinery / petrochemical plant
- Water / sewage treatment plant
- Pharmaceutical factory
- Public facilities
- Chemical Plant
- Fire protection services


Measurement of gas oxygen (O2)

Detection range
Resolution 0 to 40.0vol% (0.1%)

Display LCD digital display with backlight
Default alarm
Low alarm (adjustable) point 19.5vol%
High alarm point 23.5vol%
Over-range alarm 2 40.0vol%

Type of alarm gas alarm: two pre-alarm, STEL, TWA, over-range alarm
Fault alarm: Sensor No connection, low voltage, circuit failure, the calibration range error
Alarm gas alarm: Light flashing, the intermittent buzzer alarm, gas concentration value is flashing, vibration
Fault alarm: Light flashing, the alliteration intermittent beep error message is displayed, no vibration
The use of ambient temperature: -20 ℃ to +50 ℃; humidity: <90% RH (non-condensing)
Power AAA alkaline batteries two
More than 3,000 hours of continuous working time (25 ° C, no alarm, no lighting)
Safety design of intrinsically safe certification, Exia II BT4
The function manually backlit LCD (automatically when the alarm lights), peak hold
Standard accessories 1. Spring clip 2 dust filter. Alkaline batteries (AAA two)
Optional accessories activated carbon filter cap. Activated carbon filter leather bag
Size, weight, about 53 * 85 * 31mm, about 130 grams (including spring clips, leather bag

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