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Product name : The CX-II CO/O2-combination gas detector
Item : 日本理研(RIKEN)
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 CX-II is a personal combination gas detector can simultaneously measure the concentrations of CO and O2, personal protection for steel mills and dangerous regional staff, this instrument including the gas hazardous environments and failure of sound, light, vibration alarm. LCD display with large digits, you can manually lit, turn on automatically when the alarm. The power supply uses two AAA alkaline batteries, and sustainable 2,000 hours of work. Sensor CX-II are used in the production of high quality assurance, which also makes the the RIKEN company has the most reliable quality in the same industry, the longest life expectancy of the instrument.

- Simultaneous detection of two gases
- Infrared transmission of data storage to PC
- Alkaline batteries 2,000 hours of work
- Sound, light, vibration alarm
- Weight 120 g
- Peak hold, TWA, STEL display function
- Alarm automatically when the backlight is lit
- Proof grade: Exia II BT4

- Iron and steel smelting plant
- Mine
- Refinery / petrochemical plant
- Water / sewage treatment plant
- The pharmaceutical industry
- Chemical Plant
- Fire-fighting equipment


Measuring gas oxygen (O2) and carbon monoxide (CO)

Detection principles oxygen carbon monoxide
Diaphragm galvanic cell principle electrochemical principle

Detection range 0 to 40.0vol% 0 to 1000 ppm

Resolution of 0.1 vol% (0.1%) 1 ppm

Default alarm
Low alarm (adjustable): 19.5vol% 1st alarm: 50ppm, 2nd alarm: 150ppm
High alarm: 23.5vol% TWA alarm: 50 ppm, STEL alarm: 200ppm
Over-range alarm: 40 vol% over range alarm: 1000ppm

The type of alarm gas alarm: two default alarm, STEL, TWA, over-range alarm
Fault alarm: sensor is not connected, the wire is not connected, low voltage, circuit board failure, calibration range error
Alarm gas alarm: LED lights flashing, buzzer, the value is blinking, vibration
Fault alarm: LED flashes, the buzzer sounds, the fault message
* Manual lit LCD backlight (alarm will turn on automatically)
* STEL and TWA alarm
* Peak hold function
* Infrared transmission data to the PC
* Data save function
Display LCD digital display
The use of ambient temperature: -20 ℃ to +50 ℃; Humidity: 0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Power AAA alkaline battery Model two
More than 2000 hours of continuous working time (20 ° C, no alarm)
Explosion levels intrinsically safe certification Exia II BT4
Standard accessories alligator clips, alkaline batteries (AAA two)
Optional accessories PC, data transfer software, wrist strap, belt clip, dust filter
Size weight of about 90 (W) 50 (H) 25 (D), 120 g

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