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Product name : GX2003 composite gas detector
Item : 日本理研(RIKEN)
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- Small size and weighs only 11 ounces
- Detect flammable gas oxygen carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide
- Methane detection range of up to 1-100% VOL
-% Vol and% LEL detection range can automatically switch display
- Built-in pump-priming sampling
- Vibration, sound and light alarm
- Alarm automatically turns on the backlight
- Correction tips and correction lock function
- Power can use NI-Cad battery pack or alkaline batteries
- The battery pack can be recharged in the instrument can be charged separately
- Alarm locking or non-locking function
- Can record up to 600 hours of data logging with alarm trends
- Automatic correction or correction alone
- Alarm mute function
- As long as 90 minutes fast charge

● Personal detection ● Detection of harmful substances ● Regional Environmental Inspection
● refinery ● waterworks / sewage treatment plant ● public facilities
● chemical plants ● Fire ● mining

GX-2003 is the RIKEN use of high-quality micro-infected technology to produce the world's smallest with a built-in pump-priming sampling four more portable gas detector. Weighs only 11 ounces, and has advanced features. GX-2003 considerable competitive advantage. For example, it can detect a specific area of ​​gas (LEL gas, lack of oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide), and it can detect 100% VOL range of combustible gases, and its automatic range conversion function can automatically display the% LEL or% VOL .
GX-2003's large LCD display 4 gas readings, battery level, time, and alarm will automatically turn on the backlight. Each detection channel poles adjustable alarm points, TWA and STEL for CO and H2S detection values. TWA and STEL detection values ​​with a "lunch break" mode, this mode prevents the instrument is turned off, the reading is eliminated. It has vibration, sound and light standard alarm display, the alarm can be set to locked or unlocked state.

Under microprocessor control, GX-2003 can be continuously connected to the sensor, low battery, line failure, low flow, and calibration failure self-examination. GX-2003 can use Ni-Cad battery pack or 3 AA alkaline batteries. The battery does not require any tools can be easy to replace. Ni-Cad battery pack can be recharged in the instrument can be charged separately, do not delay instrument.

GX-2003 with memory up to 600 hours of data logging capabilities. Its large memory can store 100 alarm, 100 fault information. The 20 most recent calibration data and alarm trend data, before and after each time an alarm occurs within 30 minutes, every 5 seconds automatically collected once the data. A special correcting device can be used while correcting the 10 instruments.


Detection of gas flammable gas% LEL
(Methane standard gas calibration)% VOL, flammable gas
(Methane) oxygen
(O2) of hydrogen sulfide
(H2S) carbon monoxide

Detection principle of catalytic combustion heat conduction principle of the original battery electrochemical cell electrochemical cell

Detection range of 0 ~ 100% LEL 0 ~ 100% VOL 0 ~ 40.0% VOL 0 ~ 100ppm 0 ~ 500ppm

Sampling methods built-in sampling pump (pump) Flow: 0.5Ipm

LCD display digital night crystal display, the alarm automatically turns on the backlight.

The type of alarm gas alarm: alarm flashing, intermittent beeps and vibrations.
The fault alarm; alarm lights flashing, fault type and vibration.

Alarm method: gas alarm and alarm, over-range alarm
Gas alarm: two gas alarm STEL, TMA and over-range alarm
Fault alarm: sensor poor contact, low battery, circuit failure and correct errors.
Special features converted to automatic, manual control of LCD backlight (alarm)
2, STEL, TMA detected value function;
3, peak hold function;
4, continuous display;
5, automatic calibration or correction function alone;
6, the data record (600 hrs);
7, the record of the last 8 alarm alarm trend data;
Correction tips and lock function;

Temperature and humidity -20 ° C to +50 ° C (-4to122 °), 0 ~ 97% RH (non-condensing) (prevent splash into the water)
The reaction time is 30 seconds or less reaction (T90)
Continuous-time Ni-Cad battery pack is fully charged (no alarm action), 10 hours
Alkaline battery is fully charged (no alarm action), 14 hours
High-strength plastic shell material dustproof, waterproof, anti-electromagnetic interference
Power Ni-Cad battery rechargeable battery, can be randomly directly charged or taken out
Charging 3 AA alkaline batteries
Safe design and certified intrinsically safe design, CSA certified, and C / U.S. (CSA certification number: NO.186718-2500028218)
Size weight of about 171 (H) x65 (W) x39D about 300 grams (mm)
Control keys 5 control keys: POWER / ENTER \ DISPLAY \ AIR \ RESET \ SHFT
Standard accessories lifting straps, rubber sheath, rubber detection tube, alkaline batteries 3 AA-
Data download cable and software of optional accessories, chargers, Ni-Cad battery pack, sampling tube, correction device

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