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Product name : United States TIF XP-1A SF6 qualitative leak detector
Item : 美国TIF
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Brief introduction
XP-1A SF6 the qualitative leak detector is the vertex of the leak detector 30 years experience in manufacturing
· The core of this apparatus is a state-of-the-art microprocessor using digital signal processing techniques
· Better than the steering circuit and sensor head signal
· Circuit component count reduction of approximately 40%, resulting in improved reliability and performance
· Microprocessor real-time monitoring sensor head and battery voltage value, up to 4000 times per second
· Timely compensation, even the most minute changes in the signal pulsation

XP-1A in the design of many user-friendly performance
The sensitivity of the sensitivity of seven set free, an increase of 64 times the instrument from one to seven
· Unique tri-color light-emitting diode progressive and a wide range of leak size indicator out
· Indicate the level of sensitivity; battery power voltage indication
· Touch the keyboard to control all use functions
· Innovative housing design for the user to grip, easy to operate
· Used to install visual visual indicator
XP-1A qualitative SF6 gas leak detector the unique sensitivity adjustment, original track leak
· Power display, simple operation, easy to carry, all intelligent, anti-pollution, anti-interference, good repeatability
* Fast response, high sensitivity, high stability, microprocessor control, advanced digital signal processing
· Three-color visual display, including noise suppression characteristics of the seven levels of sensitivity, to 64 times the magnitude
· Cordless and portable, two C batteries operation, touch keyboard control, including carrying case, real-time sensitivity adjustment

Technical parameters
Maximum sensitivity: used for R12, R22 and R134a guaranteed value of 14 g / year
The maximum sensitivity for SF6 and halogen group refrigerant <3 g /
Temperature of 0-52 ° C
Normal use battery life of about 30 hours
Load cycle is continuous, unlimited
Instantaneous response time
Reset time of 1 second
Warm-up time of about 2 seconds
Power supply 3V DC, two C-size alkaline batteries
Unit weight of 560 grams
The size of the apparatus 22.9Cm × 6.5Cm × 6.5Cm
Probe length 35.5cm

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