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Product name : Fast portable dewpoint meter XPDM
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 Introduced: XPDM type dew point meter is battery-powered portable instruments, can quickly and accurately measure the range of -100 ° C to +20 ° C dew point temperature of the gas.
Applications: including petrochemicals, natural gas, dry gas and compressed gases, the generator cooling hydrogen, transformers and high-voltage switch insulation gas, welding gas, as well as ship and air with oxygen.
The principle and structure: an inner core of a high-purity aluminum rod, surface oxidation of the aluminum oxide film, coated with a layer of long and short gold film, capacitance is formed between the gold film and the inner core, since the water absorption characteristics of the alumina film, When the water vapor molecules which is inhaled, leading to the change in the capacitance value, detects and amplifies the capacitance signal can be obtained dew point temperature.
Main features:
★ portable: the equipment is small, light weight, easy to carry
★ wide range: the range of -100 ° C to +20 ° C
★ fast response: each measurement time is short
★ automatic calibration: without any other equipment, the instrument automatically calibrated on a regular basis
★ multi-parameter display: dew point temperature (° C or ° F), ppmv, g/m3, LBS,
Technical Specifications:

Dew point sensor unit



Ultrathin alumina capacitance principle


Alumina repression


-100 ° C to +20 ° C


63.5 x 108 x 190 cubic mm external pressure regulator

Throttle or filter.


0.1 ℃


± 3 ℃

Test chamber

Electropolished stainless steel


± 0.5 ℃

Working pressure

Standard 200Kpa

The maximum 690kpa absolute pressure

Response Time

63% 90 seconds


Three semi-liquid crystal display with backlight

Gas connection

1/4 "VCO input and output

Pressure correction

The programmable pressure correction key


Sensor enclosure and power supply isolation

Operating temperature

Sensor: -30 to +50 ° C

Electronic devices: -10 to +50 ° C

Power supply

9V battery stack

Sampling flow rate

100 m / s

Sensor case

When not in use, the sensor is in the drying chamber and maintained for about

-80 ° C of the dew point.

When used, the sensor into the test chamber, such that the response


Power saving mode

Operation regularly shut down automatically when the power

Calibration method

Automatic calibration, +20 ℃ saturated moisture

Optional pressure reducing valve and / or filter according to user needs
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