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Product name : 900 + ray detector, nuclear radiation detector, surface contamination meter
Item : 德国柯雷
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 Technical parameters
900 + ray detector, nuclear radiation detector radiometer:
Measurement ray species of alpha, beta, gamma and Χ ray (Χ rays belonging to the range of low energy beta rays)
Measuring range 0.01μSv / h - 1000μSv / h, 0.001mR / h - 100mR / h or
0.01 ~ 1500.00μSv / h, μSv / h, μGy / h, μR / h selectable
CPM: 0 ~ 3000000
Total: 1 to 9,999,000
Sensitivity in the energy for 1uSv / h of the cobalt-60, 108 pulses.
Or 3000cpm/mR/h
Ray select switch gamma, beta + gamma, alpha + beta + gamma (chi-rays belong to the low-energy beta-ray range)
Cumulative dose 0.00μSv ~ 9999.99μSv
Select 1,5,10,20,30 seconds counting time can be adjusted or 1 minute to 24 hours
Energy range 35Kev ~ 3Mev
Energy response 48Kev ~ 3Mev ≤ ± 30% (relative to 137Cs)
Relative basic error ≤ ± 10%
Cumulative dosage unit μSv
Count rate units CPS
Accuracy of ± 15%
Readings displayed dose rate: μSv / h, μSv / h, μGy / h, μR / h Optional
Data storage built-in 25 dose rate data
The length of the sensor size 38mm, 9mm diameter
Analog output port RS232 serial port
Display large-screen LCD display, can display numbers and bar graphs, 10 multi-function membrane keypad.
Optional audible alarm function, alarm function is free to set the alarm value
Typical accuracy 10%
2K internal storage capacity
Operating temperature -40 ° C to 75 ° C
Size 163 mm × 72 mm × 30 mm
The service life of 10 years (at room temperature)
Power lithium battery, standard working life of 10 years
Quality Certification European CE, U.S. FCC 15
Each detection of the United States Commission on Radiological Protection and provide a certificate
Quality guarantee period of one year
The Attachment Options 1. Computer analysis software and RS232 computer cable alarm function, 3. Holster
900 + ray detector, nuclear radiation detector, radiation meter main features:
N-900 multi-functional digital radiation meter, can be widely used in pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, power plants, quarries, emergency rescue stations, metal treatment plant, underground oil fields and oil pipelines and equipment, environmental protection and other departments, used for:
Check local radiation exposure and radioactive contamination
Check the ambient radon cesium contamination
Check the cobalt-60 radiation pollution
Check the stone and other building materials, radioactive
Check the danger of nuclear radiation from landfills and dumps
Detection of Medical X-ray machines used in industrial X-ray radiation intensity
Check the groundwater, radium contamination
Check the underground radioactive drill pipe and equipment
Monitor nuclear reactor ambient air and water quality pollution
Check the valuable personal property and jewelry harmful radiation
Check porcelain tableware glass radioactive
Home decoration detection
900 + ray detector, nuclear radiation detector, radiation Instrument:
United Systems 900 multi-function digital radiation meter commercially available best price performance radiation scanner. It is the results of the latest design in 2004, and ergonomic design. Very powerful, can provide reliable and accurate measurement data. 900 multi-function digital radiation meter volume is small, light weight, very strong, wrapped with a metal protection, electronic circuits can detect alpha, beta, gamma, and Chi - square-ray, nuclear radiation sensor manufactured by the United States Bureau of Standards, this sensor is currently on the market best performance on the radiation sensor.
1 meter ergonomic shape, feel comfortable
(2) the operation panel 10 membrane switch, feature-rich, dust rain (can not be immersed in water)
Easy to operate, as long as the press of a button and immediately began to detect and display large amounts of data
4 switch selected by the type of radiation, can measure the value of α, β, γ-ray radiation
Can display the current radiation value and set the time, the average radiation values
6 large screen display, you can get enough information on the same screen
Screen with time and date display, still display the time and date after shutdown
8 display screen with a battery voltage, to avoid a sudden shortage of electricity in the course of
9. Lithium battery, the life of the battery 10 years
10 can set the sampling time and sampling interval, the sampled data automatically stored to the instrument comes with a large capacity memory
11 computer interface, the sampled data can be transferred to a computer with special software for analysis
12 provides a data analysis software, feature-rich, you can display, storage and analysis of data obtained by the radiometer
13 each instrument after the detection of the United States Commission on Radiological Protection, with the unique detection number
14 only need to be calibrated once every five years
15. Miniaturization impact design, easy to carry

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