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Product name : R500 Multi-function digital radiometer
Item : 德国Coliy公司
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 R500 multi-functional digital radiometer for the inspection and quarantine of the radioactive dose rate
Food and beverage inspection, radioactive detection of iron and steel smelting raw material testing, metal products and stainless steel products (cobalt 60 gamma-ray detection), scrap iron and steel scrap metal waste materials, stone, ores, jewelry, ceramic tile ceramic marble radioactive detection (radiation dose rate measurement), nuclear radiation leak detection, radioactive leak detection, radioactive sources, leak detection, beta-ray detection, X-ray machines, X flaw detector leak detection, cesium, strontium, radium, uranium, zirconium, iodine, cobalt and other radionuclides detection. Limit alarm USB port high sensitivity sensor, 8 seconds response, to facilitate the rapid detection, rapid abnormal computer data analysis software can detect alpha, beta, gamma, chi-ray high-definition large-screen LCD display.
Germany Coliy R500 Multi-function digital radiometer. The U.S. Bureau of Standards large 2-inch flat spiral sensor, high sensitivity, rapid detection of alpha, beta, gamma, and Chi - square-ray intensity. With a correction factor, the customer can adjust the calibration parameters; average time setting function, a substantial increase reflects the sensitivity. R500 digital radiation meter ergonomic, anti-saturation circuit to avoid electromagnetic interference, with Security calibration function, calibration of radiation exposure can be avoided. European CE certification standards, ISO9001 quality certification.
R500 Multi-function digital radiation detector, can be widely used in restaurants, hotels, home, public places, lab, quarry, metal processing plants, oil fields and oil pipelines and equipment, environmental protection, police and other departments, R500 ray detector is used to:
Check food contamination
Check the ambient pollution
Check the underground radioactive drill pipe and equipment
Check the stone and other building materials, radioactive
Check porcelain tableware glass radioactive
Check local radiation exposure and radioactive contamination
Check the danger of nuclear radiation from landfills and dumps
Check the valuable personal property and jewelry harmful radiation
Detection of Medical X-ray apparatus used in industrial X-ray intensity
Open the slide that can detect alpha, beta, gamma, and Chi - square-ray
Closing the slide, sensors, dual protection, can detect gamma and Chi - square-ray
Technical parameters
Types of measurement-ray
α, β, γ, and Chi - square-ray
Measurement range
Radiation dose rate: 0.01μSv/h-1000μSv/h, 0.001mR/hr-100mR/hr
Pulse dose rate :0-300, 000cpm ,0-5, 000cps
The radiation dose accumulation: 0.001μSv-999Sv
3500CPM/mR/hr (Cs-137);
Large GM tube, the effective diameter of 45mm, mica window density 1.5-2.0mg/cm2
Output port
Optional USB Port (with special USB extension cable may be extended to 100 meters)
Average time
Default 32 seconds, can be manually or automatically adjustable between 2 seconds and 120 seconds
Large-screen digital LCD with bar graph display
Sr-90 (546KeV, 2.3MeV βmax) of about 75%; approximately 11% of the C-14 (of 156KeV βmax); approximately 64% of the Bi-210 (1.2 MeV βmax); am-241 (5.5MeV alpha) approximately 36%
Occasions up to 100 times more than the maximum reading, the reading remains at full scale.
Directly adjust the correction factor
Alarm function
Free to set the alarm value, the default setting is 5μSv/hr
± 15%
Storage capabilities
Can store 2,000 data stored manually or automatically
Allows numerical real-time remote to your computer, display, analysis, recording
Operating temperature of the detector
-40 ° C to 75 ° C
450 g
L 300 mm, W90 mm, H 40 mm
Power supply
3 AA batteries, can work for 30 days
Quality Certification
European CE, US FCC15
Quality assurance of
Options: telescopic pole
Section number
The maximum diameter
Maximum height
Reduced height
Weight (kg)
Uses: remote detection of nuclear radiation, to avoid human exposure to radiation exposure.
Numerical real-time remote to a computer for display and analysis
Computer analysis software
Detection of stainless steel products. (Not higher than normal radiation values ​​0.20μSv / h)
Detection of natural stone
Extend the application of the rod
Stainless steel wire detection. Normal 0.18μSv / h, the measured value of qualified products.
Abnormal 0.70μSv / h, measured values, product failure, product around the presence of radiation threat to human
Ceramic measurement
Plastic bag of stainless steel wire 8.16μSv / h ultra-high radiation intensity.
X-ray leak detection
C14 radioactive sources in PM2.5 analyzer, aerosol particles
Kr-85 radioactive sources in a beta radiation rays detected

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