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Product name : The ITX composite gas detector
Item : 美国英思科(ISC)
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 ITX is a British Cisco's most versatile portable gas detector. Can be customized according to the types and quantities of gas detection need to configure one to six kinds of intelligent gas sensor, you can use one-button operation and calibration. Suitable for industrial safety, health, environmental protection and other fields.

iTX multi-gas detector with background light dot-matrix liquid crystal display that can display all the measured gas concentration. The instrument is a high-brightness light alarm 90dB loud audible alarm. Stainless steel shell, durable and anti-electromagnetic interference.

iTX multi-gas detector with data-logging. Data recording capacity of up to 18,000, while recording STEL / TWA value, peak reading, and username / detection domain name. Can be equipped with iButton ® site location identification, the user can, in accordance with the needs of 24 parameters to be set. These parameters include the security password settings, alarm settings and calibration settings, the instrument factory parameter is set to the conventional value.

iTX can be connected and integrated ISP sampling pump, remote monitoring, through the DS2 equipment management units for routine maintenance.
Up to five field-replaceable sensor
For all types of applications to provide a flexible monitoring. Reduce operating costs and time to failure
50ppm hydrocarbons (HC) resolution, reaches the lower explosive limit (LEL) alarm set points.
Users can precise monitoring of low levels of hydrocarbons
LEL/CH4 sensor over-range protection
When the sample gas concentration exceeds 100% LEL or 5.0% vol CH4 when automatic Close LEL/CH4 power, thus extending the life of the sensor to ensure the integrity of the calibration and low-cost parts replacement
Four-electrode sensor ammonia (NH3)
Increase the stability of the ammonia sensor and extend its life, so as to enhance the efficiency of the operations staff and reduce its operating costs
Can replace the use of lithium ion and alkaline battery pack
Various power (including the latest battery charging technology) to provide users with 24-hour monitoring of performance
Operating system can be user-configured
User after for the instrument "adjustment" required for a specific display, alarm, calibration, data logging, and other instruments operating
Display all gases being monitored
Reliable, easy to use, the operator can instantly view all gas readings, ensure that the equipment continues uninterrupted operation
DS1000 Docking Station ™ compatible
Automatic calibration, the record data, reducing the total operating costs of the instrument, and to ensure the correctness of the archive
One-button operation and calibration
Simplify the training process, to reduce the calibration required time and calibration gas
Quick calibration function
Mixed calibration gas, the quick calibration function calibration of each sensor at the same time, save time, gas and cost
Radio frequency interference (RFI) protection function by the third-party certification for the European standard EN50081-2.
Improve work efficiency at the same time, eliminating the need for harassment readings and alarm
Calibration and alarm settings provided by the password protection.
Use of safe, non-training will not make any instrument or calibration
Peak / hold value model
The user track during the job or retire by the end of query peak exposure to gas. Without the need for cumbersome data records to the workers' exposure to gas exposure value of tracking and tracing.
External integrated sampling pump (optional)
The detector can be used in a confined space required personal monitoring and remote sampling. Use one pump at no extra batteries and charging equipment
Stainless steel structure
Durable, strong resistance to radio frequency interference, reduce maintenance costs and time to failure
Delay alarm function (103 dB)
In high-noise environments danger warning with external 103 dB audible and visual or vibration alarm
iButton. On-site data entry function
Automatically leaving user data logger and location information to facilitate gas survey data validation
The data can be recorded up to 300 hours (1 minute intervals)
Large data capacity for more than a month long rotation provides data storage space, before running out of memory to ensure data continuity
Data record / health functions can be user-configured.
The user can configure the data recording interval, read and write parameters override feature, automatic event recording and time-weighted average (TWA), to provide users with application-specific custom monitor
Housing: 304 stainless steel
Size: 121mm X 81mm X 43mm
Weight: 524.5 g
Sensors: Combustible Gas / - catalytic combustion of methane
Oxygen and toxic gases - Electrochemical
The measuring gas Type: Gas symbols Range Resolution
Combustible gas LEL 50 ppm-100% LEL 1%
Of methane CH4 0-5% Vol 0.1%
Of oxygen O2 0-30% Vol 0.1%
Carbon monoxide CO 0-999 ppm 1 ppm
Hydrogen sulfide H2S 0-999 ppm 1 ppm
Hydrogen H2 0-999 ppm 1 ppm
Nitric oxide NO 0-999 ppm 1 ppm
Chlorine Cl2 0.2-50 ppm 0.1 ppm
Nitrogen dioxide, NO2 0.2-99.9 ppm 0.1 ppm
Sulfur dioxide SO2 0.2-99.9 ppm 0.1 ppm
Hydrogen cyanide HCN 0.2-30 ppm 0.1 ppm
Hydrogen chloride HCl 0.2-30 ppm 0.1 ppm
Ammonia NH3 0-100 ppm 1 ppm
Chlorine dioxide ClO2 0-1.0 ppm 0.01 ppm
Phosphine PH3 0-1.0 ppm 0.01 ppm

Power (run-time): Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack (regular working hours to 24 hours)
Replaceable AA alkaline battery pack (regular working hours to 12 hours)
Data recording capacity: 300-hour recording time (interval of 1 minute)
Data recording interval and data write the amount of coverage by the user configuration
Data input: the user of the 16 characters of the available keyboard entry and on-site data
the iButton automatic data entry function (optional)
Temperature range: -20 ° C to 50 ° C
Humidity range: 15 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
License: UL Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) - 1, a, B, C, D groups danger zone
The U.S. Minerals Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) - can only be safely used in methane / air mixture
ATEX and Australia - Ex ia s I / IIC T4: IP65

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