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Product name : X-am 2000 gas detector
Item : 德国德尔格Dräger
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 Dräger X-am 2000 gas detector is a new generation of gas detection products, especially designed for personal gas detector can detect 1-4 gas: combustible gas, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. It is ergonomically designed, not only light and only the size of the phone, the Dräger X-am 2000 gas detector as an integral part of the day-to-day work. Reliable detection technology, long sensor life easy and simple, allowing you to get maximum security guarantees at a lower cost.
Just a phone size detector
Dräger X-am 2000 light weight, small size, comfortable to use, gas detection products currently on the market unique. Dräger X-am 2000, the two button control panel and intuitive menu navigation system to increase the usefulness of the instrument.
Sensitive combustible gas detector
X-am 2000 gas detector in the face of unknown hazardous materials, x-AM2000 provide you with a reliable security cautionary. Methane catalytic combustion sensor calibration for flammable gases responsive, but also very sensitive to combustible organic vapors.
Long life electrochemical sensors
Draeger sensors represent the high-end level of innovative technologies, x-AM2000 is equipped with the latest research and development of mini-sensor. Powerful, responsive, the service life of up to five years.
Waterproof and durable detector
x-AM2000 enclosure protection class up to IP67, waterproof and dustproof, timely and occasionally dropped in water can still be used normally. The integrated rubber protection and seismic sensors ensure impact and vibration. In addition, x-the AM2000 but also anti-electromagnetic interference.
Both sides of the intake port
Dräger X-am 2000 gas from the upper portion and the front of the instrument to enter and timely a side cover, with double security now on both sides of the inlet. It can still speak up alerts.
Alarm function
x-AM2000 has three alarm mode, multi-timbral sound the alarm, combined with 180-degree viewing light alarm, more unique vibration alarm.
Flexible battery options
x-AM2000 can be equipped with standard alkaline batteries or nickel-cadmium batteries, you can also direct charging without removing the battery with T4. According to different needs in the studio or on the car can be charged.
Intelligent data management
x-AM2000 is equipped with a data memory can be connected to a computer via infrared interface, Gas Vision software analysis.
Test and calibration
Simple, fast, professional, functional testing to document the user a variety of options to choose from. Draeger X-am 2000E-Cal automatic test and calibration instrument as well as functional tester is the perfect complement of the x-AM2000, you save time, reduce the workload.
User Registration
Dräger X-am 2000 user registration function to ensure that someone special, CC-Vision software can be personalized settings.

X-am 2000 composite gas detector technical parameters
Dimensions (L × W × H): 147 × 129 × 31mm
Weight: 220 g
Environmental conditions: Temperature: -20 to +50 ° C
Pressure: 700 to 1300hPa
Humidity: 10 to 95% RH
Protection class: IP67
Alarm: light alarm 180-degree viewing
Sound the alarm:> 90dB (A) at 30cm distance
Vibration alarm
Battery Life: Alkaline:> 12 hours
T4 battery:> 12 hours
Charging time: <4 hours
Data memory: recorded every minute, can store 1000 hours

Technical information
Sensor measuring range reaction time (in seconds) life (years)
Ex sensor 0-100% LEL or 0-5vol -% 8 4
O2 sensor 0-25vol -% 6 5
CO sensor 0-2000ppm 6 5
H2S sensor 0-200ppm 6 5

X-am 2000 composite gas detector certification
ATEX: II 2 G EEx ia IIC, T4I M 2 EEx ia d I
UL: Class I, Div 1, GroupA, B, C, D; Temp Code T4/T3
CSA (pending): Class I, Div 1, GroupA, B, C, D; Temp Code T4/T3
IECEx: Ex ia d I / IIC T4/T3
CE marking: EMC

Host (with sensors), alkaline batteries, manual,

Optional accessories
The Charger & point battery, record measured values ​​and setting software, calibration accessories, leather bag.

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