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Product name : The compressed air Draeger Aerotest Alpha quality detector
Item : 德国德尔格Dräger
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 Compressed air quality testing instrument Draeger Aerotest Alpha unmatched purity measurement of breathing air quality in the low pressure range.

Has been detected breathing air
Has Draeger Aerotest Alpha, you can detect the compressor or compressed the respiratory air quality of the cylinder supply. By the detection system to ensure reliable detection of respiratory system, in line with application Classified EN12021 standard.
Pollutant detection and measurement
Owned Draeger Aerotest Alpha, can be reliably recognized in a variety of potential contaminants, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor in the compressed air or oil. The measurement values ​​can be selected simultaneously or separately recognized.
Fast, easy to use
Use the plug is connected to the measuring device without using the power supply, can be connected to the low pressure compressed air supply system, easy to monitor, and peace of mind. Only five minutes, a quick check function to send precise measurement results and inform the degree of pollution.
The Draeger oil test kits
Research and development of the new Draeger oil test kits specifically for the testing and inspection of compressed air without oil mist. In addition to ordinary common oil, it is now for the first time the detection synthetic - without considering the type or viscosity of the oil. Wide measuring range (with scaling) to ensure accurate reading of the exact value.
Functions and features:
◇ used to detect breathing low pressure compressed air quality, the products have been widely used in major domestic pharmaceutical factory.
◇ according to the appropriate standards of purity, through compressed air pollutants quantitative analysis can detect the breathing air quality. To meet the requirements of the different standards (such as: DIN3188 standard).
◇ Dräger tubes can be used for quantitative detection of compressed gas of water vapor H2O, oil Oil, carbon dioxide CO2, carbon monoxide CO, and other pollutants.
◇ detector brought plug-in connection with various types of gas supply system interface connection.
◇ all components of the detector to be housed in a hard suitcase, easy to carry, easy to operate.
Basic parameters:
Suitcase length 300mm, width 360mm, height 80mm
Weight 2 kg
Bottles of compressed air Working pressure 3-15 bar according to DIN13260 standard
Interface Quick-line interface
Flow rate of 0.2 l / min and 4.0 l / min

The Alpha host of Aerotest set, contains the following:
A manual pressure reducer (3-15 bar)
Flow regulator can be installed in one of four test tube
A digital timer
A test tube open tube
A suitcase
2 adapter
A bubble test hose
1 set of foreign language user manual
The 10 / Boxes Draeger oil test tube (0.1-1.0mg/m3)
10 / box Draeger water vapor detector tube (2-450mg/m3)
10 / box Draeger carbon monoxide detector tube (5-150ppm)
10 / box Draeger carbon dioxide detector tube (100-3000ppm)

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