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Product name : T8000 positive pressure breathing apparatus
Item : 法国斯博瑞安(巴固 )
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The * Machine strict through continuous 1.2 million reliability testing, and stable performance.
· The overall European standard certification, self-contained air respirator standards through rigorous EN137-2006
· Simple design and rational distribution strictly into account in the research and development of a wide range of users on the use of respirators work habits and workplace
· Respirator package weighs only 10.4 kg (3.8 kg cylinder), lightweight design for easy activities and work long hours requirements
Optional configuration to meet customer demand for his rescue and communication functions
Optional the Survivair 20/20plus mask to meet customer demand higher requirements
The · products through GA124-2004 and GB / T 16556-2007 national standard safety and reliability of a pressure relief system

· New a pressure reducing valve design, valve pin design for easy maintenance
From Europe advanced design, compact structure, simple, whole body weighs only 700 grams
· Efficient to save interface provides users the same as the pressure flow to meet the needs of he saved the user's air traffic
High-tech high-pressure pipe design combined with pre-alarm system

High-pressure pipe built-in, and configure security vent violence hole, to ensure the safety of users
· Alarm whistle front and provides more than 90dB alarm volume to ensure that users and others can make it easier to detect

Flexible and secure supply valve connector

· New design Banjo connector to facilitate the supply valve to wear
· Banjo connection allows piping location close to the chest, reduce the risk of the wearer in the pressure tube hook
The Survivair 20/20plus high-end mask

· U.S. NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards production, and in accordance with EN standard
· High temperature and low temperature conditions will not harden brittle, good chemical resistance
· Sturdy supply valve interface, 30-foot fall is not broken
· Special scratch-resistant coating visor, a super scratch-resistant capacity
· Three-dimensional large field of vision, visual distortion, enjoy a perfect visual effects
· The Kapton patent material acoustic membrane and efficient acoustic effect
· Headband, and KEVLAR head network two products to choose from to meet your different requirements

And PANO comprehensive cover

· Suitable for Asian face, wear comfortable
· Wide field of vision, and more secure. Double-layer design, the edge of the mask seal invasive face mask to avoid the toxic and harmful gases in the environment
· Positive pressure design (3 mbar), through a quick plug-in interface for valve connection, the new exhalation valve makes the obvious reduction in expiratory resistance
With acoustic membrane (the side of the acoustic membrane to facilitate the use of walkie-talkie), with a quick pull loose buckle system, easy headband adjustment
* With a cover nose and mouth, reduce mask exhaled CO2 content
Inside the mask airflow automatically scour surface screen, prevent the resulting fog
Small talk sound reinforcement system

RCS communication system

The most simple structure of communication systems, to provide a good communication

Order No. Product Name
Standard respirator
SCBA805 T8000 standard respirator (6.8L luxfer cylinders, the PANO mask)
SCBA825 T8000 standard respirator (6.8L Survivair 20/20plus mask)
9L respirator
SCBA809 T8000 standard respirator (the 9L Luxfer cylinders PANO mask)
SCBA829 T8000 standard respirator (9L Survivair 20/20plus mask)

He saved respirator
SCBA805T T8000 He saved respirator the (6.8L luxfer cylinders, PANO mask,)
SCBA825T T8000 He saved respirator the (6.8L Survivair 20/20plus mask)
SCBA809T T8000 He saved respirator (9L Luxfer cylinders PANO mask)
He saved respirator SCBA829T T8000 (9L Survivair 20/20plus mask)
BC1868427T T8000 Luxfer 6.8L cylinders
BC1890327T T8000 Luxfer 9L cylinders

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