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Product name : VM-82 vibrometer
Item : 日本理音(RION)
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 Portable vibrometer Rion (RION) produced Vm-82 vibration analyzer VM-63 improved the use of the separate vibration sensor, to measure small vibration and superior vibration, the measurable mechanical equipment vibration displacement, velocity and acceleration. Vm-82 can be stored the 1000 measuring point data, and can communicate with the computer.
Main features:
Slim and compact but powerful
Function key settings, and a sliding protective cover
Built-in memory and computer, printer interface
Shutdown can save the current settings
Low-power design
Powerful Chinese software features
Technical parameters:
PV-57 shear piezoelectric acceleration sensor
Measuring range
Acceleration (ACC):
0.02 to 200m/s2 (0.002 to 20G)
EQ PEAK 1Hz ~ 5kHz
Speed ​​(VEL):
0.3 ~ 1000mm / s RMS 3Hz ~ 1kHz
0.1 ~ 1000mm / s RMS 10Hz ~ 1kHz
Displacement (DISP):
0.02 ~ 100mm EQ PEAK 3Hz ~ 500Hz
0.001 ~ 100mm / s EQ PEAK 10Hz ~ 500Hz
Frequency range
Acceleration: 3Hz ~~ 1kHz, 3Hz to 5kHz, 1Hz to 100Hz, 3 Hz to 20kHz
Speed​​: 10Hz ~ 1kHz, 3Hz ~ 1kHz
Displacement: 10Hz ~ 500Hz, 3Hz ~ 500Hz
Scale range
The acceleration: 1/10/100/1000 (m/s2)
The acceleration: 0.1/1/10/100 (G)
Speed​​: 100/100/1000 (mm / s)
Displacement: 0.1/1/10/100 (mm)
Indicates that the parameter
Acceleration: EQ PEAK RAM
Speed​​: RMS, EQ Peak
Displacement: EQ PEAK, EQp-p, RMS
Large screen display digital, bar graph, parameters, units, memory address, power indicator, clock, backlight
Computer and printer interface
Chinese software
The Information Management (including machinery, measuring point and test data management, create a file)
(2) instruments and computer communications
The trend analysis
The print statements (statements of the machine, measuring point report)
(5) state judge (automatically determines the state: good, pay attention, dangerous)
Power supply
4 AA batteries, 30 hours
Size & Weight
168 × 76 × 35mm, 320g
Standard configuration:
Host, PV-57 probe, battery, wires, software, brochures in English, holster

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