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Product name : PD42 handheld laser range finder
Item : 德国喜利得(HILTI)
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 Germany Hilti PD42 handheld laser range finder only accurate and efficient used to measure distance, area and volume calculations and more convenient, safe and reliable, especially in the measurement of relatively long distances. It is widely used in the following areas: construction, interior and exterior decoration, stage setting, identification of housing inspection, survey and mapping industry, forestry, municipal engineering, traffic accident scene measurement.
- Error of only + / - 1.0 mM, measuring more accurate
- Measuring range up to 200 meters
15 digits per second - highly sensitive, continuous measurement (actinomycetes)
- Built-in level of beads, the level of more accurate distance
- Measuring from corners extended piece for from the corner of the Start
- 3 measuring choose the starting point (before and after the extended piece)
- Front and side buttons, narrow space operation is still freely
- Light weight, compact size fits in pocket
- The shell is made of high quality engineering plastic body strong, waterproof and dustproof
- Soft rubber outer wrap, earthquake wear and feel comfortable
- Base four-point, both for the convenience of the measurements, but also to avoid the rough surface damage equipment, suitable for site
- Refined and fashion design, the operation is extremely simple
- PD42 multi-function handheld laser range finder volume measurement, to accumulate multiple measurement area, more convenient and practical
- Max / Min measurement functions, facilitate the identification of parallel lines and verification straight angle
- Triangulation function (Pythagorean theorem), and the measurement mode 3, to facilitate the measurement of hard-to-reach distance
- The delay measurements (up to 20 seconds), data storage function (the last 30 sets of data)
- Built-in telescope, suitable for long-distance and outdoor measurements
- Built-in vertical direction horizontal beads, improve vertical measurement accuracy
- There are four measurement choose the starting point (before and after the extended film, tripod center point of the thread interface)
- A standard tripod thread (1/4 ') interfaces for precise measurement
Technical parameters
Measuring range
0.05 m - 200 m
No target board: 100 m
Target plate: 200 m
± 1.0 mm
Basic functions
Addition, subtraction, area and volume measurement, triangulation, maximum / minimum measurement
Delay measurement
5/10/20 sec.
Data storage
The last 30 sets of data
Laser type
Visible, the 620 - 690 nm, Class 2 (II)
Continuous measurement
Actinomycetes measurement
Clear key
You can clear the error data
Built-in telescopic
Suitable for long-distance and outdoor measurements
Battery number of measurements
More than 10,000 times (AA battery 1.5V x 2)
Dustproof and waterproof
IP54 (dust and splash water)
Operating Temperature
-10 ° C - 50 ° C
Dimensions (mm)
200 g
PD42 host, black soft bag, hand strap, the PDA target board, plastic keys, 2 AA batteries, operating instructions, original warranty book, certificate of authenticity, warranty card
Hilti addition to guarantee the quality of the German original for each range finder, each rangefinder authoritative identification certificate issued by the department of national testing, and ranging up to 3 years full free warranty service, these services are unique in the domestic sales of the manufacturers of products ranging.

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