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Product name : Handheld range finder DXT
Item : 瑞士徕卡(LEICA)
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 Leica's latest design waterproof brands shock rugged handheld range finder, feel good, fast operation, simple measurement function, suitable for construction, outdoor and other harsh environmental survey work!
Accuracy: 1.5mm, ranging: 70m.
Sensitive measuring element with rubber-coated to protect against foreign interference. Be able to withstand a 2 meter drop test.
Shell and keyboard to take special measures to seal, waterproof and dustproof function, can direct wash water.
Be measured either from the corner, slit or at the edge of the dock, a variety of measurement environment can cope with. When the instrument is able to automatically detect and avoid measurement error.
• Sealed keyboard
Dirt flowing water available cleaning
• Dust
Body tightly wrapped by rubber to prevent dust from entering the
• 2m drop test
Robust housing, tested
• Anti-shock housing
Glass fiber plastic support enhanced
• 4 rows of data display
Background lighting in the dark
• dock
Automatic detection, free measurement of corners, edges or gaps
Leica Disto DXT functions:
• Continuous, track
Suitable for setting-out measurement
• minimum measurement
In the horizontal / vertical measurement, the minimum distance value data to be displayed
• maximum measurement
Measured diagonally from the corner, the maximum distance value of the data to be displayed
• addition / subtraction
Distance, area or volume using the addition and subtraction
• area / volume measurement
Measurement (length, width, height) by 2 or 3 times, the area or volume values ​​are automatically calculated and displayed. Auxiliary data information (corner line, the wall area, the ceiling area or floor area) displayed simultaneously.
• Pythagorean function
Indirect distance measurement may .2 or 3 times measurement, indirect distance automatically calculated and displayed.
The interests of users
Product features
 The interests of users
IP 65 protection
 Construction sites also ease of use
Gluing the outer layer of the large area
 Protection of a keen optical measurement equipment (must be 2m the anti drop test!)
 Automatically detects the measurement side, to prevent the error caused by the non-artificial selection
Sealed keyboard
 Easy to clean
Area / volume calculations, housing the data (the ceiling area, perimeter, wall area)
 Without a calculator, will be able to get all the data in the workplace
4 lines of data display
 View glance
Backlit display
 Facilitate the use of dark environments
The Pythagorean function: Indirect height / width measurement
 Any operating environment can be indirect measurements
Storage of measured values ​​(10)
 Automatically stored in the last 10 measured values ​​and can be called at any time
 Technical parameters
Measurement accuracy (standard)
 ± 1,5 mm
Measuring range
 0.05 m - 70 m
Units of measurement
 0.000m, 0'00'' 1/8, 0in1 / 8, 0'00'' 1/16, 0in1/16, 0.00ft
Battery life (times)
Protection class
 IP 65 dust-proof and jet water protected
 2xAAA (1.5V)
 122 x 55 x 28 mm
Weight (with battery)

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