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Product name : QNix4200/4500 coating thickness
Item : 德国尼克斯(QNIX)
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 The QNix4200 and QNix4500, two models of integration / body design, just zero, no calibration is extremely simple to use. QNix4200 magnetic thickness gauge, can be used to measure coatings, coatings on steel, iron and other magnetic substrates; QNix4500 thickness of magnetic and eddy current dual-use, not only can be used to measure the magnetic substrates such as steel, can also be used measurement of aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other non-magnetic metal coating of the surface of the oxide film, a phosphate film cladding layer. These two models are simple to operate, easy to carry, high precision, the favorite for the majority of users.
      On traditional QNix ® 4500 basis, in order to meet the different needs of customers, launched special ® 4500 (Split), QNix machine, between the probe and the host connected via a probe line to meet the specific measurement environment (such as small space) need, the measurement is more convenient, more humane, more cost-effective
    In order to meet the needs of the user, but also introduced QNix ® 4500 (large range) machine, so that the iron-based measurement mode range can be expanded to 5mm.
• Just zero, no calibration
• compact, easy to operate
• dual-use machine, automatic identification matrix
• High accuracy
• cheap QNix ® 4500 (split)
     A simple and fast measurement
     2 does not require calibration
     3 Switcher
     4 large range FE :0-5000um NFE :0-3000um
     5 pairs of probe, cost-effective
     6 Hall sensors for the measurement more stable
     7 measuring sound synchronization
     8 ruby ​​head wear, long life
     9 backlit LED display, clearer readings
    10 automatic identification measurement matrix
    11 separate probe, meet different measurement environment
Technical parameters
Magnetic substrate (Fe mode)
The have this QNix4200/4500 function
Non-magnetic substrate (NFE mode)
QNix4500 this feature
Measuring range
QN4200: Fe :0-3000um
QNIX4500: Fe :0-3000um; NFe :0-3000um
QNIX4500 (5mm-based): Fe :0-5000um; NFe 0-3000um
QNIX4500 (sub-size): Fe :0-3000um; NFe :0-3000um
Display accuracy
0-50um: ≤ ± 1um
50-1000um: ≤ ± 1.5% of reading
1000-3000um ≤ ± 3% of reading
Minimum contact surface
10 × 10mm/QNix4500
Smallest radius of curvature
Convex: 3mm; concave: 25mm
Minimum substrate thickness
Fe: 0.2mm/NFe: 0.05mm
Temperature compensation range
0-60 ℃
The LCD (with backlight)
Ruby fixed
Power supply
2 x 1.5V dry batteries
100 × 60 × 27mm

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