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Product name : IMPULSE100 laser range finder
Item : 美国LTI
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 Functional Description: The straight-line distance measurement; maximum ranging: 575m
Accuracy: 50m: 3cm 150m: 5cm; resolution: 0.01m
Effective range: overhead cables / benchmarking: 50m; poles / windrow: 100m
Trees / tower: 150m: rock surface / building: 250m
The IMPULSE (Perth) structural features can make your operation simply by loading the red dot on the the sighting eyepiece on IMPULSE (British Chambers), aim, press the launch button within one second can be obtained from the height and other data without the need for a prism for reflecting targets. IMPULSE (British Chambers) measurement is characterized by the use of the multi-function menu-driven operation, and a built-in tilt sensor (Model 200 and Model 200LR) can measure the horizontal distance, inclination and height data. In use, IMPULSE (British Chambers) more considerate customer needs, the right-hand operation, data download, optional remote trigger functions.
Structural features:
Aim at the eyepiece ----- the sighting eyepiece internally by a red aiming point to help you accurately target, the intensity of the red dot is adjustable to accommodate different lighting conditions.
Transmitting mirror -------- Impulse (British Chambers) emits infrared laser signal through the transmitter mirror.
Receives the reflected infrared receiver mirror -------- receiving mirror, and the calculated signals to the interior of the instrument circuit.
The operation buttons ------ three action buttons can be different with dozens operation, to meet different needs.
Speaker -------- report to you through the different sound instrument work.
LCD screen ------ precision backlit LCD screen to meet the needs of you day and night operation, data shows anytime, anywhere you want.
The Battery Holders -------- put two AA batteries into the instrument will meet the power needs of the work continuously for 20 hours.
Data output port ---- Impulse the (British Chambers) provides data download function through the data output port, you need to download the data down to a more detailed treatment
Features Benefits:
Industrial standards, without having to use reflectors, strong structure, small size, light weight, safe and reliable performance, not to hurt the eyes semiconductor laser technology, in line with the CENELEC EN60825 class (the highest level of security) easy to operate measurement quickly and do not have to set up reflectors, is not in the weather, terrain, a single person to complete the measurement Operating Temperature: -10 ° C to +50 ° C Protection class: IP67 waterproof, suitable for field work environment
Functional Description
Maximum distance measuring: 575m
Effective range
Overhead cables / benchmark: 50m
Poles / windrow: 100m
Trees / tower: 150m
The surface of the rock / building: 250m
Accuracy: 50m: 3cm, 150m: 5cm
Resolution: 0.01m
Power supply: 2 5 batteries can be used continuously for 20 hours
Security Level: meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration safety standards (Eye Safe) Chapter 21 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations
Environmental Specifications: sealed NEMA6, IP67 waterproof requirements, weather, suitable for field work environment
Alarm by sound and display for easy target acquisition confirmed
Readability of the user interface: 6-digit backlit LCD display, day and night operation
Series transmission: RS232
Part of purposes: line ranging, space planning, site surveys
Housing: monolithic aluminum case box
Battery life of two 5 batteries can be used continuously 20 hours
Physical Characteristics
Length 152mm
Width 64mm
Height 127mm

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