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Product name : DR3900 spectrophotometer
Item : 美国哈希(HACH)
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Name: Desktop DR3900 spectrophotometer
Description: DR3900 spectrophotometer desktop is launched a new Hach 2011 spectrophotometer intelligent desktop products. It is a new generation of network intelligence apparatus can be easily embedded in the company's network for data transmission, but also directly to the Internet update software and user manual. If you combine all modules LINK2SC software, you can get a key laboratory data and online data intelligent than the right, immediately after the match demand for online real-time calibration of the probe, without to field calibrate the probe.
The spectrophotometer has an intuitive color touch screen interface, and can be displayed directly on the screen prompts hash operation of the program. Coupled with the intuitive scale histogram display, automatic cuvette identification and false alarms, as well as new features such as user-friendly design AQA can bring you a new experience, reducing the extra work reconfirmed allow customers confidence in the test results.
Features Introduction
● Quasi double beam spectrophotometer
● Direct reading - direct reading concentration
● 800 × 480 pixels 7 "color touch-screen full Chinese operation menu, more clear and intuitive
● Built more than 220 water quality testing methods application can also create up to 100 user-defined programs
● can be marked with a bar code automatic identification hash prefabricated reagents
● For the automatic determination of important parameters such as COD 10 values ​​in different locations, removing outliers, and then averaged, and the final 5 seconds to display the average of the results
● The new feature allows AQA QA easier. AQA steps can now easily define, plan, execute, and archiving. Add a reminder function, so the operator does not forget the standard measurement performed regularly. AQA menu system checks the quality of the analysis contained inspection procedures. Configuration is done here, for example, each standard solution methods are used for authentication, and the mixed solution to interfere with testing.
● Optional LINK2SC software that enables SC1000 digital controller from the data and laboratory data also appear in the DR3900 achieve rapid identification of irregular data and analysis; than immediately after the demand for real-time online for probe calibration; the This, laboratory and online data to achieve a two-way transmission, without to field calibrate the probe.
● can be displayed on the screen steps to reduce the chance of a mistake, and without printing process
● The instrument software may at any time via the USB or Ethernet cable line to achieve real-time updates
● has a data storage function, can store 2000 groups of data and 100 user-defined procedures
● The instrument has a USB interface, easy to use front and rear U disk updates to the application and the experimental data download
● Network interface for easy data network transmission
● can be directly connected to the printer, and print results
● With password protection and timer functions.
● Multi-user management, you can give the administrator and standard user to set different permissions
DR3900 spectrophotometer with desktop data storage function, can store 2000 groups of experimental data, the data include the date, time, test results, sample name, test and other information. Data via USB interface, cable, downloaded or transferred directly to your computer for easy data storage and management.
Technical Data
Reading Mode
Transmittance (%), absorbance and concentration
Wavelength Range
Wavelength Accuracy
± 1.5nm (wavelength range 340-900nm)
Spectral Bandwidth
7 "TFT WVGA color touch screen (800 × 480 pixels)
Data storage
2000 sets of measurements (results, date, time, sample number, operator ID)
Preset programs
> 220
User program
Wavelength Calibration
Automatic calibration
Wavelength selection
According to the method automatically selects the wavelength
Operating environment
10 ~ 40C, maximum 80% humidity, non-condensing
Power Requirements
151mm × 350mm × 255mm
4.2kg (without batteries)

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