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Product name : DR 3800 Spectrophotometer desktop
Item : 美国哈希(HACH)
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Hach DR 3800 spectrophotometer due to the use LINK2SC desktop software, easy to implement laboratory measurements and on-line measurement of the ratio between the pair. The spectrophotometer has an intuitive color touch screen interface, and can be displayed directly on the screen prompts hash operation of the program.
Features and Benefits:
High-speed wavelength scanning
DR3800 spectrophotometer desktop full wavelength range in the (320-1100nm) within the scan. With this feature, easy development of user method.
Large color touch screen interface
Color display for easy user instantly recognizable alarm, and easy on the overlapping graphical data for comparison. Humanized operation design tips, see the user manual needs to be minimized.
Ease of laboratory data and online data for comparison
Optional software allows LINK2SC sc1000 digital controller from the data and laboratory data displayed simultaneously. Any irregularity data can be quickly identified and analyzed.
Can be displayed on the screen Help Guide
One-click screen, you can get hash procedures and TNTPlus program steps. In the selected process step by step view the Operating Guide can reduce errors, and eliminates the need for printing steps.
Has more than 240 kinds of analytical methods and chemical reagents
Hach DR 3800 spectrophotometer desktop memory has more than 240 kinds of analytical methods. (Test parameters can refer to the list of the third page). These methods include more than 30 kinds TNTPlus reagent tube test method, the test tube wall with barcode labels that can be reliably detected automatically. Hach Company can provide all these tests required chemical reagents and laboratory equipment.
Using a USB storage device can be upgraded to the instrument or transmit data
Using a USB storage device can be easily upgraded for DR3800 spectrophotometer systems and transfer measurement data. As Hach Company will release several new test methods and chemical reagents, so this feature can ensure that the instrument functions always kept up to date. Instrument a total of two USB ports, when using Hach DataTransTM software, the computer can be connected to one of these ports, the other port can be used to connect to the storage device spectrophotometer or hand-held bar code scanner.
Designed for DR 3800 spectrophotometer designed TNTplus reagent tubes
When using the DR 3800 spectrophotometer desktop, with the following characteristics for some selected analytical methods, Hach Company has developed TNT plus reagent bottle:
 Automatic detection method - spectrophotometer automatically reads the bar code information, identify appropriate methods, and then make the appropriate measurements, which helps to eliminate human error, saving time and expense.
 without reagent blank - quality reagent bottles, reagent strict production control, with 10 the average absorbance readings to determine the measurement results, instrument calibration verification, negligible instrument drift; All these features can be combined in order to avoid needs to run the actual blank. Of course, if desired, you can choose to run a reagent blank.
 built Accuracy - during the rotation of the reagent bottle, the spectrophotometer in less than 5 seconds to complete 10 absorbance values ​​are measured. The average value is calculated.
Technical parameters
Operation Mode
Transmittance (%), absorbance and concentration
Light source
Tungsten lamp
Preset programs
More than 240
User program
Data storage
1000 data
. Csv file format
Wavelength Range
320-1100 nm
Wavelength Accuracy
± 1.5nm (in the wavelength range between 340-900nm)
Wavelength resolution
1 nm
Spectral Bandwidth
5 nm
Wavelength Calibration
Automatic calibration
Wavelength selection
Automatic selection: hash based on the selected program
Automatic selection: Based on TNT plus bar code printed on the reagent bottle
Manual selection: selection on the touch screen (except the stored program)
Protection class
IP 32
Operating temperature
10 ~ 40 ℃
Maximum relative humidity of 80%, non-condensing
Storage requirements
Temperature: -40 ~ 60 ℃
Humidity: 80% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing
Power Requirements
External power supply :100-240V / 50-60Hz, automatic conversion
USB 1.1 (cable length up to 3 m)
User Interface Language
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.
1 × USB A type
1 × USB B-type
Sample cell compatibility
1 inch square pool
1 inch round pool
1cm square pool
1 × 5cm
13mm Round Pool
16mm round pool
Multi-pathlength 1 inch / 1 cm
Pour-Thru flow cell with a 1 inch / 1 cm pathlength
AccuVac ampoules
1 to 1 inch square glass cuvette
A multi-sample cell adapter (for 1 inch round / AccuVac ampoules, 1 × 1cm sample cell, multi-pathlength 1 inch / 1cm round cells)
Universal Power Supply ,100-240VAC ,50-60Hz, has for the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and China to use a plug adapter.
Storage adapter adapter box
Help Guide Software
Hach Pour-Thru flow cell assembly
USB handheld barcode scanner
External USB keyboard
DataTransTM Software
368 × 144 × 359mm
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Engineering and technical parameters
1, which is a multi-wavelength spectrophotometer spectrophotometer, designed for a variety of substances in the laboratory analysis and design.
2, the instrument can measure all of the following materials: alachlor, aluminum, arsenic, barium, Arat fluid, benzo yl plug, boron, bromine, cadmium, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorine, chromium, cobalt, chroma , copper, cyanides, cyanuric acid, dissolved oxygen, fluoride, formaldehyde, hardness, hydrazine, iodine, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, molybdenum / Molybdate, monochloramine, nickel, nitrogen (ammonia, nitrate salt, nitrite, total nitrogen, total Kjeldahl nitrogen form), chemical oxygen demand, oxygen scavengers, ozone, PCB, phenol, phosphoric acid, phosphorus, potassium, quaternary ammonium salts, ammonium compounds, selenium, silicon, silver sulfide, sulfate, surfactants, suspended solids, tannins and lignin, total organic carbon, tolyltriazole, total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), chloroform, toxic, volatile acids and zinc.
3, the following test methods are USEPA approved methods: arsenic, chlorine dioxide, chlorine, total chlorine, chromium, copper, fluoride, total iron, manganese, nickel, ammonia, nitrite, COD , phenol, reactive phosphorus, total phosphorus, sulfur, and zinc sulfate.
4, the instrument wavelength range of 320 ~ 1100nm. In the wavelength range between 340-900nm, accuracy of ± 1.5nm, a resolution of 1nm, the maximum bandwidth of 5nm.
5, the instrument can test items, automatically selects the wavelength.
6, reading modes include transmission%, absorbance and concentration.
7, the operation of the instrument is a color touch-screen interface.
8, the instrument may provide a graphical display, and the test results can be printed.
9, the instrument has the ability to store 1000 groups of data (including date, time, results, sample ID and user ID) and 50 user-defined calibration curve.
10, information can be stored in the instrument with standard reporting forms to download.
11, the instrument applies to one inch (25mm) round cells / bottle, 1 inch square cell, 13mm round vials, 16mm round vials, 1 × 5cm sample pool, 1cm square cell and has a 1 inch and 1cm light path Pourthru sample cell.
12, the power line voltage should be.
13, the instrument warranty period of 1 year.
14, the instrument model produced by Hach DR 3800 spectrophotometer desktop.

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