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Product name : YSI 5000/5100 Laboratory DO / BOD measuring instrument
Item : 美国YSI
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YSI 5000 System Specifications
Performance Advantages
Easy to use menu operation
Compatible with all YSI probes reduce investment costs
Large LCD display for easy reading
100 sets of data can be stored without having to manually transcribed
Compatible with YSI BOD BOD analysis software automatically calculated error rate
RS232 interface compatible laboratory computer information systems
Probe is powered by the instrument cable to reduce laboratory countertop
Computer interface control keyboard control functions
Audible and tactile keyboard response confirmation, type, avoid errors
Pre-set automatic stabilizers stable condition
Users can upgrade the built-in software to upgrade their own without the worry obsolete
Real-time clock time stamp
YSI 5100 (based on the increase in the YSI 5000)
Performance Advantages
Built-in oxygen uptake rate test software performs USEPA503 regulations, easy operation and control
Built-in barometer barometer and without external pressure corresponding results
Automatic calibration reduce manual steps and save time
Can access the barcode reader automatically scans the input sample number
Computer keyboard interface fast keyboard input
YSI 5000/5100 Technical Specifications
  Measuring range Resolution Accuracy
Mg / Gain between 0 至 60 0.01 ± 0.1% + 1 lsd
% Air Saturation 0 至 600% 0.1% ± 0.1% + 1 lsd
Temperature -5 to +50 ℃ 0.1 ℃ ± 0.1 ℃
YSI 5120 type BOD analysis software
Installed on your computer, direct drive dissolved oxygen meter, so that the entire BOD test process automation
The system automatically stores the first and last days of readings, calculate and print reports
When the dissolved oxygen reading to stabilize automatically read and stored readings
Super-saturated samples and temperature beyond the range warning
Other outstanding features include: automatic blank, kind samples and loading compensation, non-five days BOD test results derived operators, the first day of reading other dilution derivative, etc.
Selection Guide
5000-230 YSI 5000 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer Laboratory
5100-230 YSI 5100 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer Laboratory (built-in oxygen uptake rate analysis software)
5010 YSI 5010 BOD analyzer probe, self-stirring, 1.5 m cable
5015 YSI 5015 bar code reader
059160 YSI 059160 条码 label (1000 / pack)
5120 YSI 5120 BOD analysis software
Selection Guide (Note: 5100 can be measured OUR and SOUR):
Basic configuration 5000 (5100) +5010
Automated configuration 5000 (5100) +5010 +5120
Perfect 5100 +5010 +5120 +5015 +059160 configuration

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