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Product name : Japans RIKEN GX-8000 oxygen detector
Item : 日本理研
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First, Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 oxygen detector Product Description:

Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 oxygen detector Features Benefits:

1, light weight, compact
2, the use of the machine close to the body belt, stability
3,750 mL / min flow rate to attract large
4, can be used up to 30m extension tube, shortening the reaction time (reaction time: about 30 seconds)
5, built-in pump operation display (with flow confirmation display)
6, the flow sensor traffic monitoring (with a flow rate decreases, flow fault function)
7, the detection of five kinds of gases (CH4 and flammable i-C4H10 100vol% / LEL, O2, CO, H2S)
8, the flammability of hydrogen (H2) specification (vol% of hydrogen can be detected volume concentration!)
9,5 kind of combustible gas can be directly read (target gas: toluene, hexane, methanol, acetylene, MEK)
10, using the large LCD
11, with 7 separate data pointer simultaneously display
12, flammable automatic range switching, can be displayed separately VOL% (explosion prevention purposes also sometimes used to manage VOL% volume concentration)
13, light: high brightness LED (red)
14, beep: 95dB (A) above / 30cm
15, the initial use of lithium-ion rechargeable battery (standard)
16, you can replace the battery specification unit (optional)

Second, Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 oxygen detector parameters:

Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 Detection of gas: combustible, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide

Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 detection principle: Heat conduction

Catalytic combustion
Primary cell type
Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 Detection range :0-100vol% 1vol%

0-100% LEL 1% LEL
0-40.0vol% 0.1vol%
0-100.0ppm 0.5ppm
Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 alarm settings:

1st: 10% LEL
2nd: 50% LEL
1st: 18.0vol%
2nd: 25.0vol%
1st: 10.0ppm
2nd: 30.0ppm TWA: 10.0ppm STEL: 15.0ppm
Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 Alarm type:

Gas Alarm (keep themselves), flow rate decreases, the sensor is bad,
Battery voltage drops, the loop anomaly, calibration range exception
Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 Alarm: lights, beep

Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 beep volume:

95dB (A) above / 30cm
Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 to attract traffic: 0.75L/min more

Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 Power: Lithium ion battery / 5 alkaline batteries × 3 支

Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 continuous use time:

Lithium-ion battery: 12 hours / 5 alkaline batteries: 6 hours or more
Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 using temperature and humidity:

-20 ~ 50 ℃, 95% RH or less (non-condensing)
Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 Dimension / Weight:

Approximately 154 (W) × 82 (H) × 123 (D) mm,
Approximately 1.2kg
Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 Protection class: IP67 equivalent

Japan's RIKEN GX-8000 Explosion levels:

Intrinsically safe: Explosion proof construction (Exiad Ⅱ CT4)

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