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Product name : ET99731COD multi-parameter water quality analyzer
Item : 德国罗威邦(Lovibond)
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 product description:
Lovibond ET99731 of high performance spectrophotometric instrument, with large wavelength range can include COD, TOC, chlorine, total chlorine, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, hardness, phosphate, sulfate, nitrate, formaldehyde, volatile analysis of the concentration of phenol and iron, copper, manganese, potassium and other ions. Fast operation, excellent data management features, widely used in water quality monitoring and analysis of environmental protection, municipal, research, education and other areas.
•  built several predetermined measurement program, nearly 120 range indicators, quick determination of the concentration, absorbance
• 330-900nm wavelength, accuracy of ± 1nm, large screen design, user-friendly operator interface
• A user-defined calibration and automatic wavelength scanning capabilities to ensure the accuracy of measurement
•  have a custom curve and online network upgrade function
• COD was measured by potassium dichromate method, in line with internationally accepted norms, high-precision analysis, effectively prevent chlorine interference
•  digestion can simultaneously digestion of 25 samples, rapid heating, with multiple speed digestion temperature and time settings
•  microcomputer control technology, with the reaction time countdown function, user-friendly design, user-friendly operator interface
• 1000 set of detailed data storage, RS232 data interface, easy access to a PC or printer, for easy data management
• The unique design of the metering chamber is suitable for multi-pathlength cuvette
Technical Parameters:
Measuring range
Nearly 120 measurement parameter index (please consult your engineer)
Wavelength range
330 to 900 nm, self-calibration function tungsten light source, the bandwidth of 10 nm, accuracy ± 2nm
Wavelength reproducibility
± 1 nm
Photometric Range
-0.3 To 2.5 A
Correction mode
Automatic zero calibration, the use of SMD micro-processing technology, with the factory calibration and user-defined dual calibration mode
Measuring cell type
Multifunction measuring cell, can choose a variety of specifications cuvette:
16mm, 24mm round cuvette; 10mm, 20mm, 50mm rectangular cuvette
data storage
1000 sets of data, a variety of data-related information; RS232 data interface, can be connected to a computer or printer
Power supply
100-240Vac / 12 Vdc, 30W power adapter
size and weight
270 × 275 × 150 mm; 3200g (host)
International Certification
DIN EN 50081-1 VDE 0839 part 81-1: 1993-03
DIN EN 50082-2 VDE 0839 part 82-2: 1996-02
Digestion Parameters
Digestion Design
25-hole digestion, 16mm aperture, corrosion-resistant metal shell, membrane keypad
Digestion temperature
70 ℃, 100 ℃, 120 ℃, 150 ℃ fourth gear temperature setting; within 10min to reach the set temperature from room
Digestion time
30min, 60min, 120min, heating was continued four options
heating power
400W, automatic temperature control, anti-overheating protection system
Power supply type
230Vac, 50-60 Hz
Security Settings
ET418933 dedicated digestion protective cover, effectively prevent accidental explosion splash sample
Standard configuration: host, RD125 digestion heating processor, ET99955 ET99974 or 99106COD or dedicated reagent box (users specify when ordering the required model or range), ET197635 cuvette cleaning cloth, related accessories and spare parts, operating instructions in English

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