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Product name : ET99724A-6 BOD analyzer
Item : 德国罗威邦lovibond
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ET99724A-6 BOD analyzer main features:
A user-friendly process, directly to the mg / l BOD values ​​displayed in units.
2, BOD value is automatically stored, user-selectable measurement period (1-28 days).
3, the measurement range includes 0 to 40mg / l BOD, and 0 to 4000mg / l BOD.
4, the sample temperature equilibrium, the automatic start, no mercury measurements, highly environmentally friendly.
5, ultra high-performance magnetic stirring system operation without maintenance, magnetic stirrer so stirring centered.
6, located BOD measuring control values, error-free and timely protection of the measurement process.
7, with 6 measuring unit, which can carry six experiments.

ET99724A-6 BOD analyzer product parameters:



Measuring principle

Breathing principle, no mercury, electronic pressure sensors, vacuum measurement


BOD5, BOD7, OECD 301 F. ..

Measurement parameter display

BOD, volume, duration, measurement time

Results are stored automatically

According to the measurement results can be stored up to 28 days maximum results

Automatically start

When the equilibrium temperature of the sample can be automatically activated, can also be shut down.

Power source

3 alkaline manganese "C" (the cell surface) batteries, battery running out of power, an early alarm.



Measuring range
mg / l O2

0 to 40,0 to 80,0 to 200,0 to 400,0 to 800,
0 to 2000,0 to 4000

The results show

BOD (mg / l), 4 words 7 - Fragment of the liquid crystal display

Duration of the measurement

In the 1 to 28 days can choose to set

Storage interval

Based on the measured duration may set the number of hours or days

Current Results

The data at any time adjustable


Real-time clock

Protection class
Sensor head



CE certification

Magnetic stirrer technical parameters

Mixing capacity

6 BOD bottles

Mixing function


Power consumption

Max 24V

Stirring speed

320rpm (every 40 seconds down to 200rpm)


270 × 180 × 25mm

This is the distance between the mixing point




Operating temperature

-10 To +56 ℃; 100% relative humidity

Operating voltage

Max 20V

Control Cable

2 m

Protection system

IP68 (DIN40050)

Mixing controller

220-240/12/12V/50-60Hz, protection class II, thermal safety features, CE certification

Environmental conditions

-0 To +40 ℃; 80% relative humidity

ET99724A-6 BOD Analyzer Standard preparation:
ET99724A-6 BOD measurement unit (1), thin-specific magnetic stirrer, 6 BOD special brown glass bottles, 6 BOD micro sensors, six special rubber seal absorption, nitrification inhibitors, KOH absorbers, 157ml and 428ml volumetric flask overflow each one, manual in English, Chinese warranty card

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