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Product name : Sension2 Portable PH / ISE meter
Item : 美国哈希(HACH)
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Sension2 Portable PH / ISE meter

sensION series ion concentration meter with pH meter and ISE ion concentration meter dual functions: (1) can ammonia ions, nitrate ions, sodium ions, fluoride ions were measured, the measurement method is simple and fast. (2) pH meter with sensION3 full desktop functionality: measure pH, ORP (oxidation reduction potential, ORP electrode sold separately), and temperature, simple operation, and the standard buffer solution with automatic recognition function, the correction process is simple and fast . Large LCD display shows the measurement results.

sensION2 Portable pH / ISE (ion concentration meter) sensION1 portable pH meter with full functionality. Base data dissemination need to reprovision the data downloaded to a computer, and also has an automatic shut-off feature extends battery life, fully sealed keyboard has an excellent waterproof rating.

Technical indicators:

Table 11 sensION series ion concentration measuring mode

Measurement mode

pH mode

MV mode (ORP)


Ion concentration mode

Temperature mode


-2.00 To 19.99

-2000 ~ 2000mV

0.000 ~ 19900 mg / L

-10.0 ~ 110 ℃ can also use oF Show


Optional: 0.001/0.01/0.1




0.1 ℃

Precision or slope

Slope: 58 ± 3mV/10 pH units

Accuracy: 0.2mV or reading

± 0.05%, both greater


Accuracy: 0 ~ 70 ℃ when ± 0.3 ℃;

70 ~ 110 ℃ ± 1.0 ℃ when

Display: Liquid crystal display (LCD)

Input: a BNC connector; with 5-pin connector hash pH / temperature electrode temperature or hash (sensION2)

2 BNC connectors, two 5-pin connector hash pH / temperature probe temperature or hash (sensION4)

Output: RS232 connection via power cable holder

Power Configuration: 4 AA alkaline batteries or via Docking Station (sensION2)

Environmental requirements: 0 ~ 50 ℃, 85% relative humidity, non-condensing

Instrument Size: 21.2 × 8.7 × 4.2cm (sensION2)

Packing: waterproof, chemical resistant, dustproof

Ordering Guide:

51725-10 sensION2 Portable pH / ISE (ion concentration) meter, Platinum Series pH electrode

51725-11 sensION2 Portable pH / ISE (ion concentration) meter

51725-14 sensION2 Portable pH / ISE (ion concentration) meter, Platinum Series pH electrode, power seat / data transmission base

Optional accessories:

To order a buffer solution of pH meter, electrode storage solution and the electrode washing solution, the samples described in "pH meter buffer solution, electrode storage solution and the electrode washing solution," the relevant content.

51910-00 pH combination electrode with temperature compensation function, 5-pin connector

51915-00 Combination pH electrode, flat head, 5-pin

51937-00 ORP combination electrode, BNC connector

51927-00 Ammonia composite electrode, BNC connector

51920-00 nitrate composite electrode, BNC connector

51925-00 sodium ion composite electrode, BNC connector

51928-00 Fluoride composite electrode

51899-00 low ionic concentration flow cell

45300-02 electrode holder with magnetic stirrer

27047-00 Electrode scrubber

51875-02 Power Block / data transmission base

49665-00 HachLinkTM data acquisition and analysis software

48129-00 Data cable

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