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Product name : XP-3160 combustible gas detector
Item : 日本新宇宙
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Product Features 
Automatic suction, LCD digital display pointer can detect 0 ~ 10% / 0 ~ 100% LEL combustible gas concentrations, flammable gases and flammable vapors of organic solvents 
Performance Parameters 
* Two concentrations Display: digital display, bar scale shows 
* Small and lightweight (450g), power. 
* Use batteries and dedicated rechargeable batteries. 
* Traffic Anomaly self-test function. 
* Automatic range switching function. 
* With data-logging capabilities. 
* Can directly read up to five gases (optional feature). 
* With data download function (optional feature). 
* High sensitivity. 
* Is used to detect trace amounts of flammable gas and flammable vapors of organic solvents. 
* Widely used in ship repair and gas industry Jianlou. 
* Can be used to detect diesel. 
Model XP-3160 
Flammable gas detection target gas and flammable organic solvent vapor 
※ When ordering, please specify the object name of the gas 
Automatic suction detection method 
Exposure to combustion detection principle 
Detection range 0 ~ 5000ppm or 0 ~ 1vol% 
Indication accuracy H range: full scale ± 5%% 
L Range: ± 10% of full scale 
Alarm setpoint 250ppm/500ppm 
Display LCD display (backlit) 
Digital display: 0 ~ 5000ppm or 0 ~ 1vol% 
Scale bar shows: automatic range switching 
L Range: 0 ~ 500ppm or 0 ~ 1000ppm 
H Range: 0 ~ 5000ppm or 0 ~ 1vol% 
Alarm Gas Alarm: buzzer, red lights flashing 
Fault alarm: buzzer, red lights flashing, LCD 
Proof mark ExibdIIBT3 (Intrinsically Safe + flameproof) 
Operating temperature range -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ 
Power on the 5th alkaline batteries 4 or proprietary nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries 
Continuous use of time when using alkaline batteries: approximately 20 hours (no alarm, no background illumination) 
Use of special nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries: about 5 hours (no alarm, no background illumination) 
Dimensions W82XH162XD36mm 
Weight Approximately 450g (excluding batteries) 
Standard accessories leather jacket, on the 5th alkaline batteries 4, gas into the hose (1m), filter tubes, filters, metal suction tube, suction head for Rubber 
Optional Long gas into the hose, gas mixer, data download component (CD-ROM software + USB adapter cable), the use of special nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries, charger

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