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 RX-1A Halogen Leak Detector Features:
1 can detect all kinds of halogen refrigerants
2 Microcomputer digital control and signal processing, testing 2,000 times per second
3 purely mechanical pump sampling, positive airflow, high sensitivity
4 touch keypad, one-touch button reset
5 monochrome video probe information voice alarm alarm indication, six concentrations instructions.
6 Press detectable concentration grading, two stalls adjustable at any time.
7 high strength suitcase.
RX-1A halogen detector technical parameters:
Concentration Resolution: 7 years
Probe Length: 355 mm Teflon coating,
Warm-up time: less than 2 seconds,
Sensitivity files: 2 files,
Reset time: less than 1 second,
Response time: instantaneous,
Power supply: 1.5 V X2,
Dimensions: 229X57X57 mm
Weight: 560 g / g
The company specializes in providing U.S. SF6 Leak Detector TIF XP-1A halogen leak detector 5750A halogen ZX-1 XP-1 type SF6 super combustible gas leak detector TIF8800A, ZX-1 Automatic Halogen Leak Detector. Low price, good quality and service system.
1 by UL & CE, SAE J1627 certification;
2.2 level of precision;
3.3 kinds of colors leakage levels;
4. Mechanical pump;
5 Variable audible alarm
Can identify refrigerant type: All halogen refrigerants
Maximum precision: 7 grams / year
Battery: 30 hours
Sensor life: 20 hours

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