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Product name : Gas Leak Detector ZX-1A
Item : 美国TIF
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 ZX-1 Halogen Leak Detector Introduction
ZX-1 Halogen Leak meet SAEJ1627 standards and certified by CE, ZX-1 Halogen Leak Detection Sensitivity Accuracy (R12) is less than 1.5 g / year, other refrigerants 3 g / year
ZX-1 Halogen Leak Detector Features:
1 can detect all halogen refrigerants
2 built-in micro-mechanical pump sampling cleared
3 three-color video instructions
4.Please touch keyboard, sensitivity adjustable
5 Gradient voice alarm
6 Probe status indication
7 automatic monitoring of battery charge
8.16 inches flexible probe
9 super engineering plastic chassis with rechargeable battery
10 accord SAEJ1627 standard, CE certification
11.1 years warranty
ZX-1 Halogen Leak Detector Technical parameters:
Leak Detection Accuracy: R12 less than 1.5 g / year other refrigerants 3 g / year
Power: 4.8V rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries (standard configuration); 4.8V NiMH rechargeable battery (optional)
Power life: standard nickel-cadmium batteries; 4-5 hours optional NiMH battery :5-6 hours
Probe Life: 100 hours
Operating temperature: 32o-122oF (0o-50oC)
1 by UL & CE, SAE J1627 certification;
2.1 level of precision;
3. Mechanical pump;
4 Variable audible alarm
Can identify refrigerant type: All halogen refrigerants
Maximum Accuracy: 11 g / year
Battery: 30 hours
Sensor life: 20 hours

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