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Product name : Z-300XP formaldehyde detector
Item : 美国ESC
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 Z-300XP formaldehyde detector Features:
USA ESC Z-300XP formaldehyde detector, with a single point measurement, continuous measurement and automatic calibration measurement of three operating modes. Continuous measurement and automatic calibration measurement mode can be set to an arbitrary measurement cycle 0-480 minutes. Continuous measurement mode, LCD readout is updated once every 10 seconds, measured by the entire measurement period after the end of the average concentration. Automatic calibration measurement mode, the instrument automatically calibrated before each measurement zero, so that the measurement process can eliminate the impact of changes in environmental conditions, for long-term measurements to ensure measurement accuracy and reliability. Sound the alarm, the user can set any alarm point.
    USA ESC Z-300XP formaldehyde detector, a data storage function, can store 16 measurement cycles of data. Using the bundled software stored data can be downloaded via RS232 interface to a PC.
Z-300XP formaldehyde detector Product Description:
USA ESC Z-300XP formaldehyde detector, built-in sampling pump, Resolution 0.01ppm. Suitable for indoor formaldehyde concentration monitoring, the use of formaldehyde in the workplace or industrial environment monitoring the concentration of formaldehyde in the air.
       Z-300XP formaldehyde detector, using a unique sensor and filter technology to eliminate a variety of common indoor air formaldehyde gas measurement interference and improve the measurement accuracy and reliability. Built-in sampling pump automatic filtering, no need to manually replace the filter.
Z-300XP formaldehyde detector technical parameters:
Z-300XP formaldehyde detector
Electrochemical sensor life> 2 years
Typical range
0-30 ppm
Maximum range
100 ppm
0.01 ppm
± 5%
Warm-up time
3 minutes (normal state)
Response Time
<60 seconds (90% peak)
Audible alarm, 80dB
Zero drift
<0.002 ppm / min
Sensitivity loss
<5% / year
Operating Temperature
0-40 ℃
Relative humidity
15-90%, non-condensing
Atmospheric pressure
10% Atm.
Power supply
Built-in rechargeable battery, AC / DC adapter
Dimensions / Weight
190.5 × 146 × 70mm/900g
Standard configuration
Host, manual

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