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Product name : Electronic continuous radon monitor RAD7
Item : 美国Durridge
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 Electronic continuous radon monitor RAD7 main functions:
l instrument is provided with a sound "Count" function,
l can detect temperature, humidity.
l RAD7 can quickly and continuously detect radon
l thorium concentrations and can print out the results were
l RAD7 can measure air, water, soil radon concentration
RAD7 electronic continuous radon monitor Product Description:
Built-in pump selection sample points, the measurement is completed, you can choose to print a simple data or data with all the energy range. The bar graph changes including radon, date, standard deviation, total spectrum. 1000 can store measurement data, display, print or download.
RAD7 electronic continuous radon monitor technical parameters:
Ion implantation, flat, silicon detector.
Real-time, high-resolution, spectral analysis.
Advanced micro-pressure control built-in pump.
HP infrared printer.
Two-line digital display
Accuracy: 5% Humidity 0% ~ 100% RH, non-condensing.
Weight: 5 kg (full)
Size: 29.9 × 21.6 × 29.2 cm RS-232 interface.
Rechargeable battery, continuous operation three days.
For the continuous detection of radon in water, optional remote control compatible accessories
Measuring range: 0.1 pCi / L ~ 2,0000 pCi / L
Measurement time: 2 minutes to 24 hours

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