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Product name : HI96803 Precision sucrose sugar analyzers
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 HI96803 Precision sucrose sugar analyzers
Precision glucose sugar analyzers-HI96803 Introduction
The food industry is an ideal analytical instruments
For fruit, drinks, pastries, milk, juice, jam, honey, soups, jelly, tofu and condiments
Large-screen LCD, dual-line display measurement data and temperature data
Automatic temperature compensation, high-precision measurement of the sample
Easy to measure, only a few drops of the sample in the measuring cell, press the READ button
BEPS low battery protection system
Battery power is low, the measurement data in order to avoid errors, be alert
Meets IP65 standards
Unique waterproof design, suitable for laboratory and field-site measurement and analysis
Fast and accurate: 1.5 seconds to obtain accurate measurement results
Single-point calibration: Use distilled or deionized water for single-point calibration
Stainless steel measuring cell, durable, easy to clean
Power-saving features with automatic shutdown
This series of precision digital refractometer waterproof portable design, designed for laboratory and field site Brix accurate analysis and design. The refractive index of the measured value to obtain the corresponding sugar. First use deionized or distilled water for single-point calibration, the instrument can measure samples in seconds refractive index, and convert it to a percentage by weight concentration units (in HI96801 for% Brix).
Two-line large screen display, can display the measurement results and the temperature in degrees, but also keep track of remaining battery charge and other helpful information. Use of internationally recognized unit and temperature compensation, ICUMSA (International Committee of Sugar unified analysis) certification recommended method. Digital automatic Brix meter, compared with the manual refractometer eliminates subjective errors, the operation more convenient, easy to carry particular, applies to both laboratory and field analysis.
How to make% Brix solution
1, the container (eg glass reagent tube or lid dropper bottle) placed on an analytical balance
2, the weight measuring container
3, To make X Brix solution, then measure out X grams of high purity sucrose (CAS # :57-50-1) directly into the container
4, distilled water was added to the vessel or deionized water until the solution's total weight 100 g
For example: 25% Brix standard solution configuration, you need to prepare:
1, sucrose: 25.000g; 2, Water: 75.000g; solution Total Weight: 100g
Note: 60% Brix or more force required shake or stir the solution, and then placed in a water bath and heated until the sugar dissolved. Use a small container, the container can be labeled pro rata total, but may reduce accuracy.
Precision glucose sugar analyzers-HI96803 technical parameters
Sugar content
0 to 85% Brix
0 to 85%
Accounted for by weight
% Fructose
0 to 85%
Accounted for by weight
% Glucose
0 to 85%
Accounted for by weight
% Conversion of sugar
0.1% Brix
± 0.2% Brix
± 0.2%
± 0.2%
± 0.2%
0 to80 ℃ (32 to 175 ℉)
0.1 ℃ (0.1 ℉)
± 0.3 ℃ (± 0.5 ℉)
Temperature Compensation
Automatic temperature compensation 10 to 40 ℃ (50 to 104 ℉)
Response Time
About 1.5 seconds
Minimum sample volume
100μL (refractive index measurements to completely cover the lens)
Light source
Yellow LED
Measuring cell system
Stainless steel measuring cell, high-quality quartz glass refractive system
Power Mode
1 × 9V battery; in measurement mode, do not shut down automatically after 3 minutes
Protection class
IP65 (international waterproof standard)
Dimensions Weight
Host size: 192 × 104 × 69 mm Weight: 420 g
Standard configuration
Glucose sugar analysis, HI731318 special cleaning cloth (2), instruction manual in English, HE721006 dedicated carrying case

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