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Product name : HI96802 Brix refractometer
Item : 意大利哈纳
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 HI96802 Brix refractometer
HANNA sugar refractometer is designed specifically for the food industry, widely used in field and laboratory accurate analysis. This series of precision digital refractometer waterproof portable design, designed for laboratory and field site Brix accurate analysis and design. The refractive index of the measured value to obtain the corresponding sugar. Use of internationally recognized unit and temperature compensation, ICUMSA (International Committee of Sugar unified analysis) certification recommended method. Actual operation is very simple and fast, offers you International Sugar analyze the data. With deionized or distilled water for zero calibration, can be measured after. A few seconds, you can quickly display the measurement results in% mass concentration or% Brix (Brix) display. Two-line display also shows the measurement results with measured temperature value, and has a low battery indicator. HANNA digital automatic Brix meter, compared with the manual refractometer eliminates subjective errors, simple, two-button quickly calibrate the measurement, take a few drops of the sample, dropping to the measuring cell, press the Read button. Easy to carry, both for laboratory and field analysis.
• HI 96802 for fructose analysis
Technical parameters:
HI 96802
Brix scale
Mass concentration of 0.0 to 85.0%
Brix Resolution
Brix accuracy
± 0.2%
Temperature Range
0 to 80 ° C (32 to176 ° F)
Temperature resolution
0.1 ° C (0.1 ° F)
Temperature Accuracy
± 0.3 ° C (0.5 ° F)
Temperature Compensation
10 to40 ° C Automatic Temperature Compensation
Measuring time
Approximately 1.5 seconds
Minimum sample volume
100 microliters
Light source
LED light source
Measuring cell
Stainless steel measuring cell
Automatic shutdown
3 minutes do not shut down automatically after power-saving features
Protection class
IP 65 waterproof standard
Battery Type
9V battery Dimensions Weight
Dimensions Weight
192 x 102 x67 mm; 420g

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