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Product name : COOLSHOT 40i laser range finder
Item : 日本尼康NIKON
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Product Introduction
COOLSHOT 40 is designed to measure the actual distance ranging telescope products, and COOLSHOT 40i uses the ID technology, you can display the slope adjusted distance (horizontal distance ± height) - suitable for use at the golf course and up and down slopes.
COOLSHOT 40i and COOLSHOT 40 high-quality multi-layer coating 6 times telescope, so bright and clear field of vision. Regardless of distance, can provide fast, stable measurement. Measurement results are displayed for about 0.5 seconds, allowing you to concentrate on measurements. Two measurement modes are the first target priority mode used in an environment surrounded by trees and help measure the distance to the pin (golf) between.
COOLSHOT 40i and COOLSHOT 40, convenient operation, simple design, in order to ensure a comfortable grip, waterproof splash function can handle sudden showers.
• Measuring range: about 7.5-590 m / about 8-650 yards
• simple operation will be able to measure linear distance, horizontal distance, height and slope adjusted distance (horizontal distance ± height)
• Golf mode displays the slope adjusting the distance (horizontal distance ± height), it can quickly allow you to determine the route. Once the distance perception enhancement, you will make it easier to hit the correct one
• Two measurement modes to choose from (the target priority switching system)
First Target Priority mode displays the values ​​between the target recently
Distance in an environment surrounded by greenery, helps measured flagpole (golf) between - the single measurement results obtained complex
Target Priority mode displays the distance between the farthest target value
Single measurement results obtained complex - contribute to hunting in the dense jungles of use
• Each time you press the power button for about 8 seconds continuous measurement
• regardless of distance, can provide fast, stable measurement
• Measurement results are displayed for about 0.5 seconds
• distance display step: 0.5 m / yd
• Compact, lightweight, ergonomic design
• High-quality 6x monocular multi-layer coating, so bright and clear field of vision
• Large diameter eyepiece (18mm), to facilitate observation
• Actual field of view (7.5 degrees), more easily observed
• High eye point design makes wearing glasses users can easily watch
• diopter adjustment function
• splash waterproof function * - equivalent to JIS / IEC protection grade 4 (IPX4) (under test conditions based Nikon)
* Refers only slight water splash, do not have waterproof function
• Temperature range: -10 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃
Measuring range 7.5-590 m / 8-650 yards
Step linear distance from the display (the top 4-digit display): every 0.5 meters / yards
                Straight-line distance (3 digits lower display): Each 1.0 m / yd
                Horizontal distance (above 4-digit display): Each 0.2 m / yd
                Height (below 3): Every 0.2 meters / yards (less than 100 meters / yards)
                Every 1.0 meters / yards (100 meters / yards or more)
                Slope adjusting the distance (horizontal distance ± height) (upper 4-digit display): Each 0.2 m / yd
Accuracy * (straight line distance) ± 0.75 meters / yards
Magnification (times) 6
The objective lens diameter (mm) 21
Actual field of view (degrees) 7.5
Exit pupil diameter (mm) 3.5
Eye Pitch (mm) 18.3
Dimensions (length × height × width) (mm) 112 × 70 × 36
Weight (g) (without battery) 160
Power CR2 lithium battery x 1 (DC3V); automatically shut down the power supply unit (after 8 seconds)
Safety Class 1M laser products (EN / IEC60825-1: 2007); Class I laser products (FDA / 21 CFR Part 1040.10: 1985)
Electromagnetic compatibility EMC FCC Part15 SubPartB class B, EU: EMC directive, AS / NZS, VCCI classB
Environmental RoHS, WEEE
Under test conditions * Based on Nikon
Table parameter is "about" for reference only.
This product, according to the shape of the target object, the surface structure, natural and / or weather conditions may not be measured.

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