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Product name : MP525 pH / Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Item : 上海三信
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Product description:
* GLP requirements in line with international norms, with automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, data storage, RS232 output, clock display, feature set and self-diagnostic information and other intelligent features.
* There are three different measurement modes: stable display mode; Timing measurement mode; continuous measurement mode.
* Automatically identify 13 kinds of pH standard buffer solution, there are four series of standard buffer solution can choose: Europe & USA series, NIST series, China series and custom solutions.
* To set the high water ammonia and pH measurement mode water pH measurement mode, to meet the power, petrochemical and other industries use requirements.
* A redox potential measurement mode EH displayed directly compared to the standard hydrogen electrode potential ORP value.
* DO measurement mode with automatic temperature compensation, automatic salinity compensation and automatic air pressure compensation function.
* New structure polarographic dissolved oxygen electrode can simultaneously measure temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen, dissolved oxygen electrode with a dedicated calibration sleeve, electrode polarization only 3 ~ 5 min.
* Instrument with a unique serial number.
* Comply with IP54 dust and splash level meter socket with silicone cap seal protection.
Technical Specifications:
Measuring range
Input Current
Input impedance
Temperature compensation range
(-1.999 ~ 19.999) pH
0.1/0.01/0.001 pH
Electric meter: ± 0.002 pH, supporting: ± 0.01 pH
≤ 1 × 10-12 A
≥ 3 × 1012 Ω
± 0.002 pH/3h
(0 ~ 100) ℃ (automatic or manual)
Measuring Range (mV / ORP / EH)
-1999.9mV ~ 0 ~ 1999.9mV
± 0.03% FS
Measuring range
Response Time
Residual current
Temperature compensation range
Salinity compensation range
Pressure compensation range
Automatic calibration
Electrode Type
(0 ~ 40.00) mg / L (ppm) (0 ~ 200.0)%
0.1/0.01 mg / L (ppm) 1/0.1%
Electric meter: ± 0.10 mg / L, supporting: ± 0.40 mg / L
 ≤ 30 s (25 ℃, 90% response)
≤ 0.1 mg / L
(0 ~ 45) ℃ (automatic)
(0 ~ 45) ppt (automatic)
(80 ~ 105) kPa (automatic)
Water-saturated air; by air saturated with water
Measuring range
-10 ℃ ~ 110 ℃
0.1 ℃
5 ~ 60 ℃ range: ± 0.4 ℃ remaining range: ± 0.8 ℃
Other technical parameters
Data Storage
Save content
Power supply
Communication Interface
Dimensions and Weight
Quality and safety certification
900 groups
Number measurements, the measured value, temperature value, ATC or MTC mode, measurement date, the measurement time
160 × 190 × 70mm/880g
ISO9001: 2008, CE and CMC
Working conditions
Ambient temperature
IP Rating
5 ~ 35 ℃
≤ 85%
IP54 dust and splash
Standard configuration:
1. MP525-type pH / Dissolved Oxygen Measurement electric meter
1 set
2. 201T-M Molded pH / ATC three composite electrode
3. 2503-C glass pH electrode
4. MP500 temperature probe
5. DO500 Dissolved Oxygen Electrode
6.901 intelligent stirrer
1 set
7.602 type universal electrode holder
8. PH calibration buffer solution (pH4.00, pH6.86, pH9.18/50ml)
1 bottle each
9. 9V power adapter (instrument equipped with)
10. 6V power adapter (equipped with stirrer)
11. DO503 diaphragm cap (oxygen electrode equipped with)
12. DO502 dissolved oxygen electrode inner solution (30ml)
1 bottle
13 Cathode polishing paper
2 Zhang
14. B628 agitated bead
15. RS232 communication cable
16. MP525 communications software CD
17 manual
18 Brief Guide
Optional accessories:
Accessories Category
Product Name
Basic features and specifications
pH combination electrode
201-C plastic pH combination electrode
Suitable for routine pH measurements, versatile, BNC plugs.
200-C plastic pH combination electrode
Suitable for routine pH measurements, long continuous high precision, BNC plugs.
206-C plastic pH combination electrode
Electrode diameter is small, suitable for use in small diameter tubes or containers used, BNC plug
201T-M Molded three combination pH electrode
Simultaneous measurement of pH and temperature, automatic temperature compensation, BNC + RCA plugs.
2501-C glass pH electrode
For precise pH measurement, laboratory routine use, BNC plugs.
2503-C glass pH electrode
For precise pH measurement, commonly used in the measurement of complex samples, BNC plugs.
2503D-C glass pH electrode
Suitable for low temperature solution and pure water pH measurement, BNC plugs.
2503G-C glass pH electrode
Suitable for high temperature measurements of pH, BNC plugs.
2503S-C glass pH electrode
Suitable for high temperature acid solution pH measurement, BNC plugs.
2015P-C plane pH combination electrode
The pH for surface measurement, and the pH measurement trace, BNC plug.
Dissolved oxygen electrode
DO500 Dissolved Oxygen Electrode
Polarographic dissolved oxygen electrode, suitable for laboratory and field use, 8-pin plug.
Dissolved Oxygen Electrode Accessories
DO503 Dissolved Oxygen Electrode diaphragm cap
Combined diaphragm cap, dedicated to DO500 dissolved oxygen electrode, Size: 3 / group.
DO502 Dissolved Oxygen Electrode electrolyte
Added electrolyte, dedicated to the DO500 dissolved oxygen electrode, Size: 30mL / bottle.
DO501 cathode polishing paper
Polishing paper is dedicated to cleaning DO500 dissolved oxygen electrode cathode, size: 2 / group.
ORP combination electrode
301Pt-C Molded composite electrode ORP
Suitable for routine ORP measurement, versatile, BNC plugs.
3501Pt-C glass composite electrode ORP
Routine laboratory ORP measurement, testing, stability, fast response, BNC plugs.
Temperature probe
MP500 temperature probe
Stainless steel housing, fast response, high accuracy, RCA plugs.
pH calibration buffer solution
pH4.00 calibration buffer solution
500mL/250mL/50mL (bottle)
pH6.86 calibration buffer solution
500mL/250mL/50mL (bottle)
pH9.18 calibration buffer solution
500mL/250mL/50mL (bottle)
pH7.00 calibration buffer solution
500mL/250mL/50mL (bottle)
pH10.01 calibration buffer solution
500mL/250mL/50mL (bottle)
Electrode soaking
pH (ORP) composite electrode soaking
500mL/250mL/100mL (bottle)
Electrode Replenisher
4mol / L KCl (AgCl saturated) the reference solution
250mL/100mL/30mL (bottle)
ORP standard reagents
260 mV ORP standard reagents
With 50mL / package
ORP standard solution
222 mV ORP standard solution
250mL/100mL/50mL (bottle)
Electrode holder
602 universal electrode holder
Beautiful shape of the arc bracket, you can turn 360 degrees and vertical lift.
Stirred electrode holder 601
The electrode holder and magnetic stirrer novel combination product.
600 Simple electrode holder
Simple inexpensive electrode holder.

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